Squaw Valley Statement


A public statement has now been released by Squaw Valley Ski Holdings addressing confirmed findings of E. coli and coliform bacteria in the drinking water. The initial health reports were released on Nov. 8 and Squaw Valley has since been working to fully eradicate the contamination and restore water quality to normal. Restaurants at upper mountain have not reopened despite Squaw Valley’s reported progress and drinking the water is still not allowed, but top-to-bottom skiing has continued. There have been no reports of illness related to the contamination at upper mountain.

The extended statement made by Squaw Valley named the flooding of one of their upgraded water systems had been caused by an uncharacteristic downpour, resulting in the contamination of the drinking water at upper mountain. According to the statement, Squaw Valley was just one of several water systems in Placer County affected by the rainstorm and they maintain that the contamination was limited to just one system on the resort. Because the issue was addressed soon after its discovery, the contaminated water never reached the public. The issue was discovered during routine testing, after which they immediately contacted the Squaw Valley Public Service District and the Placer County Environmental Health. They have since teamed up with leaders in water safety and have been working toward restoring water quality. Safety continues to be of the highest concern, so Squaw Valley doesn’t plan to resume regular water usage until they regain normal levels. Guests at the resort will continue to have full access to all facilities at Squaw Valley and free bottled water will also be provided. While they continue to work alongside experts in water safety, Squaw Valley announced that they will keep guests informed and updated as to the progress of the matter.

Violence at The Quincy

On November 30, 2012, a pizza delivery man approached an apartment building on Quincy Circle in the Dayton section of South Brunswick in New Brunswick, NJ, but was told by the resident inside that no order had been placed. As he returned to his vehicle, he was approached from behind by three male suspects who claimed the pizza was for them. One man held the delivery driver at gunpoint, and the suspects made off with the driver’s wallet, money, and pizza. After fleeing the scene on foot initially, all of the suspects disappeared into an older, dark-colored minivan. None of them were apprehended until months later. One suspect, Parysh Wood, was arrested by South Brunswick Police in May of 2013 in connection with this incident, and is presently being held on $100,000 bail. He was caught using digital evidence that placed him at the scene of the crime when it occurred.


Another violent incident occurred in the area on October 5, 2015, when several gunshots were fired in the vicinity of Building 1. Police responded to a call at 33 Commercial Avenue, and found that one individual had sustained non-life-threatening injuries. He was treated at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and discharged. The injured person was unable to provide police with a comprehensive description of the suspect; he only recalled that he was wearing a hoodie and fled toward Neilsen Street. Additional bullet casings were found on the grounds of the apartment complex the following day during an unrelated exercise, further complicating the investigation. The identities of both the victim and the suspect are being kept confidential while the investigation is ongoing.

The Knowledge and Experience of James Dondero in Investment Management

Highland Capital Management is an American investment management enterprise that currently operates from Dallas, Texas. The company has been renowned in the finance sector for the excellent services that it offers, and it is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The firm manages divisions in various cities such as New York, Singapore, Sao Paulo, and Seoul. It has gained global recognition for being a leading credit manager, and the total assets that it currently manages are worth more than $18 billion.

The main fields that the company has majored in are credit hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations, and special situations equity. Learn more about James Dandero: http://www.insidermonkey.com/hedge-fund/highland+capital+management/173/

Highland is depended on by a variety of clients, and they included governments, funds of funds, foundations, endowments, and public pension schemes. The firm has healthy relationships with its customers. It makes them perceive themselves as real partners by consulting them throughout the business transactions.

Highland Capital Management has been offering its services since 1993. Its founders were James Dondero and Mark Okada. The company is run by James Dondero, who is its CEO and president. The administrator has been in the industry for more than three decades, and he uses his ample experience in serving the customers.

The finance sector recognized him for his excellent understanding of collateralized loan obligation (CLO). He created the first CLO that is not linked with banks. His management skills are unparalleled, and he led funds such as Floating Rate Opportunities and Global Allocation to win awards.

James Dondero studied accounting and finance at the University of Virginia, where he was awarded a degree. His other academic qualifications are being a Certified Management Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst.

James has worked in various companies. He served for the American Express, and he was made to be in charge of the circulation of $1 billion. GIC also employed him as a chief investment officer, and he oversaw $2 billion.

Mr. Dondero sits on the boards of companies such as the American Banknote and MGM Studios. He has also served as a chairperson of the CCS Medical Corporation, Cornerstone Healthcare, and NexBank.

Inmate Video Visitation by Securus

Watching the video of a Christmas time visitation where a father and son are reconnected from a prison during Christmas reminded me of a time when I couldn’t visit a loved one who was incarcerated


When inmates are locked up many miles from their families, on-site visitation becomes an added inconvenience and expense for the family.


Securus Technologies, the world leader in prison communications, has changed the landscape of prison visitation. Secures implemented the video visitation in more than 2,000 correctional facilities.


More recently they have enhanced the experience with the visitation from home option. This allows many inmates, whose families are unable to make long trips to see them, easy and more affordable. Family members can now have the pleasure of spending time with their loved ones from the comfort of their homes.


This also plays a role in the development of the inmate’s psychological well-being in that it eases their adjustment to the prison life experience.


Additionally, Secures is implementing an online feature where a family member can actually share their visits from the comfort of home. This means that more family members can participate in the visit at the same time. In the normal course of a prison site visit, the number of people allowed to take part in the visit is usually limited to a small number, usually 2-3, due to space limitations.


Not only has Secures narrowed the distance between family and inmate, they have made it easier with their mobile app. Now I could take may tablet with me and my wife could still share my life while serving her time.


The implementing of this technology allows prison personnel to perform other duties. All of this reduces that amount of staff needed for visitations, reduces the costs of this practice, and increases safety in the correctional facility.



Paranormal Podcasts

There are thousands of talk shows aired every day. These talk showed are aired on radio stations and through digital media on the internet. Podcasts, as online talk shows are called, are becoming more and more popular. This is evident in the recent article that was published on PRnewswire.com. Read more here


The article was released in the middle of December 2016. The article highlighted the latest talk show to hit the digital waves. This podcast is titled, “Beyond the Darkness.” It is the latest project for broadcasting tycoon Norman Pattiz. The show will be aired on Monday nights on The Jericho Network Program. The show will feature a variety of topics relating to paranormal activity,such as spirits and aliens. There will be a variety of interviews, stories of individual’s personal experiences,and more. Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader, two of the paranormal world’s leading experts will be the show’s host.


Norman Pattiz is no stranger to the strange world of broadcasting. He’s been a leading player in the industry for over forty years. In addition to PodCastOne, Mr. Pattiz has founded other companies in the industry including Westwood One and Cartside Entertainment Group. Norman Pattiz was also appointed to the Broadcasting Board Of Governors of the United States in the early 1990s. He served on this board under two United States Presidents.


Broadcasting is not Mr. Pattiz’ only passions however. He is also very interested in foreign relations and education. He is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations. He is also a member of The Pacific Council of International Relations.


There is little doubt that “Beyond the Darkness” will be a huge success. The Jericho Network Program is ran by former WWE wrestler Chris Jericho. The network already has several successful programs that are regularly aired. Both men have a highly successful career in the broadcasting and podcast industry. PRnewswire’s article is sure to help bring about the publicity that the show needs to further help insure its’ success. The article ended with quotes from both men. These quotes backed up the feeling that this new program will be both out of this world and extremely successful.

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OSI Group Sells The Finest Food In The Industry

OSI Group is one of the largest private employers in America, and they sell food products that are suitable for large facilities of any type. Each new food product sold by the company may be ordered online, and those who are planning to manage the food in a large facility may receive assistance from the firm. This article explains how someone may order from their website, create a better menu and serve nutritious food.

#1: How Large Is The OSI Group Family?

They are expanding every year to meet the needs of their customers, and they are growing to ensure more customers may order their food. There are quite a few things that customers may order from the company, and the volume has increased every year as they search for new ways to meet customer needs.

#2: What Does The Company Sell?

OSI Group sells balanced meals that are made for customers using their system that is based on the basic food groups. The food groups are built into every menu, and customers may build menus in any way they like when they are on the site. Building menus is quite simple when customers know what they are looking for, and they may plan menus in advance of their orders. They may place automatic orders for their food, or they may build new orders every month.

#3: How Is OSI Group Responsible For The Planet?

The sustainable system that is used by OSI Group helps their business retain as much energy as possible and they do their best to stop the drain on local resources. They have fully-functional facilities that are recovering rainwater, recycling water and composting for energy. They use solar panels to ensure they are saving power, and they are allowing the local area to have quite a few more jobs without paying the price in resources.

The business is a powerful one that will offer jobs to every local area that is in need, and they sell foods that provide a balanced meal for their customers at every turn. Anyone who is shopping with OSI Group will find foods that help create fine menus to choose from.

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Improving Transportation in Austin Texas- Mike Heiligenstein

The Williamson’s County Growth Summit recently had the opportunity to discuss the transport challenge that has been facing the State of Austin. In the panel, it included Mike Heiligenstein who is the Executive Director of the Central Texas Region Mobility Authority, the founder of Ride Scout Joseph Kosper, the Director of External Affairs at Texas Leandre Johns, and Jared Ficklin of Argo Design. The discussion was held at the Sheraton Georgetown, Texas Hotel and Conference Centre. The event was organized to discuss how technology has been changing the face of transportation in the region of Austin and the world in general.

In the discussion, Mike mentioned of the advanced technologies such as the driverless cars and ride sharing apps will help in the transformation of transportation infrastructure. Mike also said the Austin area still needs to expand its transportation capacity by constructing more and modernized roads. He did not forget to mention that the construction of more roads was a great opportunity to offer better transport services to the growing population in the Suburbs especially Williamson County.

The County of Williamson is one of the counties that have made efforts to construct good roads for the past 15 years, but according to Mike they need not stop the construction as the area is expanding in population. Mr. Ficklin was responding to the questions of what the policy makers need to do to prepare for the future need of transport in the country when he said the use of land codes need to remain flexible. Ficklin further explained even with the use of automated vehicles; the drivers will still need the garages, roads as well as parking areas. Ficklin explained that the current parking lot needs to be well designed in a way that it will be five feet tall, which is an inch taller than a car have multiple levels within the service station on one level and the charging station on the other level design that does not fit any current code.

Mike Heiligenstein is the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority in Austin Texas. Mike, a leader and his leadership skills alongside his vast knowledge, has given him a position at International Bridge as the President as well as Tunnel and Turnpike Association. Mike is known to a go-getter and is very passionate about transportation. He has been serving on the Advisory Board of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. He is also involved in other committees and institutions that deal with transportation issues in the United States. Before taking the management responsibility at Mobility, Mike served tin the Williamson County for more than 23 years.