Eric Pulier Updates Ideamensch On His Work

Eric Pulier has been seen in both the IT and business world and featured in various business magazines including CRN’s VAR Business in 1998 where he was named a Top 30 eVisionary. His computer programming and engineering skills have moved from one end of the IT spectrum to the other, and now in an interview with Ideamensch, Pulier says he’s now working with disruptive technology apps. The latest company he founded is vAtomic Systems, a gaming-oriented company that’s using the gaming apps to perfect business-related apps. Besides founding this company, Pulier is also working with philanthropist Peter Diamandis at the XPrize Board of Innovation.


Eric Pulier started out at an elementary school in Teaneck, NJ where he was programming computers as early as 4th grade and starting businesses with databases as early as high school. His university time consisted of both studying literature and writing for the Harvard Crimson, while also taking advanced computer science courses at MIT. After receiving his bachelor’s degree, he spent a little time working as an independent consultant in New York City, but then three years later moved to Los Angeles.


His first company actually started as a non-profit group known as People Doing Things, and the individuals that comprised his team soon formed one of the nation’s top interactive media company’s in Los Angeles known as Digital Evolution. Digital Evolutions clients came from both the public and private sectors. During this time Pulier even worked closely with former President Bill Clinton’s administration including launching the Presidential Technology Exhibition as part of the Inauguration Day celebrations. He also advised with then Vice President Al Gore’s world health forum.


Eric Pulier’s company was later merged with US Interactive where Pulier served as chairman. Pulier also started building different IT leadership foundations including the TM Forum Cloud Enterprise Leadership Council. He began working with cloud computing and service-oriented architecture (SOA), and his three biggest SOA platforms were Akana, Desktone and ServiceMesh. He also served as Vice President of the Computer Sciences Corporation for a few years prior to leaving and starting vAtomic Systems. He wrote the widely-used college textbook, “Understanding Enterprise SOA.”

Lori Senecal Defies the Odds of a Man Dominated Job Industry through CP+B

Lori Senecal is a perfect definition of a woman who advanced her education and career amidst a male dominated job industry. Senecal has been an active career executive and team leader at MDC Partners Network, a role she has maintained since 2015 when she was elected. Before her election as the chief executive officer of the agency, Lori was the president, and she maintained the position. According to Chuck Porter, while issuing a statement to appreciate her works, Lori has been a role model and perfect team leader. According to Adweek, Chuck continued to highlight that Lori is what CP+B needed at the time she was appointed to the role. She brought in the new talent, flexibility and focused required for business.


One of Lori’s success stories at CP+B was initiating the landing of American Airlines immediately she joined the agency in 2015. Under her insightful leadership and vast experience in marketing, CP&B managed to win the pitch against TM Advertising. It is essential to note that initially, TM Advertising was the account owner of the project having worked with the company for twenty-five years. Chuck continued to state that since Lori was still in charge of streamlining the agency’s projects, they were developing a project dubbed next generation leadership team. To successfully pitch this project, it was important for the team to execute attention and make thoughtful decisions concerning the chairmanship of the agency. Chuck was hopeful about a smooth transition as Lori prepares to leave the agency in 2017.

Leadership by Lori

Lori Senecal defines the perfect woman in the current society of women empowerment. In her role as the chief executive officer of CP+B, she oversees the growth of the agency as well as its expansion. Since she became part of CP+B in 2015, Lori has registered an enormous impact on business as well as culture. She has created a business model that features modern trends as an initiative that promotes high market flairs. Under her leadership, there has been the fuelling of a strong focus channeled to talent through the development of the agency. Lori is better placed to encourage women to invest in advancing career and education.

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Does Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Have a Chance to Topple Amazon?

Amazon is the big dog in the online e-commerce world, they currently command more than 20 percent of the fashion niche. Even those fashion companies with deep-pockets realize they are messing with a hornets nest if they think they can simply muscle Amazon off that huge share of the online clothing marketplace. Enter Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, and this company that has been around only a few years has already amassed over $250 in sales of high-quality women’s apparel.


So how long does Kate Hudson’s Fabletics really have a chance and taking away from Amazon in this niche? The answer might surprise you. If you listen to Hudson, she credits the success of her brand to two factors, reverse show-rooming and a distinct membership platform. Let’s walk through the buying process so you can see first-hand why this company is so successful right now. Women visit the retail store in the mall and can register for a member that affords them numerous benefits. White there, they can also fill out the Lifestyle Quiz to unlock even more member benefits. Now these women shop, try on clothes, and check-out all the new releases to the store.


Here is the secret sauce to the success of this athleisure brand.


Most women shopping at the retail store don’t buy because they already know the apparel they tried on is now locked in their online profile. These same women log into the Fabletics website and now know exactly what size clothing fit them, so they shop around, add things to the cart, and buy more workout apparel than the one piece they tried on in the store. The membership affords these women free shipping, pricing discounts, and even their own personal shopper. This personal shopper chooses one item each month based on shopping habits and quiz results for the consumer to consider.


The success of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is in sharp contrast to the way Amazon has been conducting business in the women’s apparel world. At Amazon, women simply impulse buy and hope what they bought fits, returning most of their purchases again and again until they nail the size. At Fabletics, these ladies know which pieces fit and how they look before they buy, reverse-showrooming done to the letter. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has struck a chord with busy women who want to buy high-quality modern apparel but when they have the time, not based around mall hours.

Jason Hope has big Hopes for Technology

Broadly speaking, the interconnection of tiny everyday objects connected and communicating via the internet, is known as the Internet of things (IoT). According to Mr. Jason Hope, these concepts are no longer the stuff of science fiction, but increasingly a part of reality. Before long, for example, there will come a day when a Milk bottle informs our refrigerator that it is nearly empty; and our refrigerator would then communicate that to us. It is estimated by Gartner, Inc. that by 2020, 25 billion devices will be IoT devices.

Bluetooth beacon technology will be at the helm of making it possible for such devices to communicate with each other, and with people. Put simply, a beacon is a transmitting device that gathers information and then relays that data to other devices. Already, these sorts of IoT beacon technologies are having a broad impact on the airline industry. For instance, Virgin Atlantic’s Boeing 787s are about as connected and equipped with IoT devices as one one can imagine. From its nose to the rudder, every part of this airplane is connected to a wireless network. Customer Service, Baggage Handling, and Fuel Efficiency are other areas of the airline industry that are being impacted.You can also visit his Facebook Profile :

Mr. Jason Hope happens to be a futurist, philanthropist, investor and entrepreneur base in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has a passion for technology and its impact on our lives. Mr. hope has carved his reputation as being a skilled futurist with a passion for clearly understanding technology. He uses that knowledge to observe the industry and make predictions about where society is headed.Based on current technological trends, Mr. Hope believes IoT will be with us for a long time and have an important societal role. His insights help modern businesses seize important trends. As early as 2015, Mr. Hope was pointing to significant strides being made in the IoT sector. Consumer Electronic Shows like CES 2016, started carrying such themes heavily. Learn More.