Jeunesse Global Growing Rapidly

Starting a business is one of the best ways to make a positive impact in the world. There are many new companies in the beauty industry. This is a dynamic industry that is growing rapidly for numerous reasons. The vast majority of people today simply are not happy with their overall appearance.

Numerous people pay hundreds of dollars per month for health and beauty products. Jeunesse Global supplies many products that help people in this industry. Not only are the products effective, but they are also made with some of the best ingredients possible. Watch this video on

Product Quality

Perhaps the biggest area that sets Jeunesse Global apart from other companies is the focus on product quality. Jeunesse Global only uses ingredients that are the highest quality possible. Not only that, but this is a company that truly cares about sustainability during the production process. All of the factories used by Jeunesse Global have had extensive testing.

Jeunesse Global also donates a portion of all proceeds to various charitable foundations. This is one of the reasons why customers love buying products from the company. In the years ahead, Jeunesse Global wants to continue using the additional capital to invest in the lives of other people around the world. Read more about Jeunesse Global at

Production Planning and Sales

Jeunesse Global has a unique model for growth. Instead of spending time and money on traditional marketing, Jeunesse Global has a direct sales model that has been successful. Satisfied customers can purchase products from Jeunesse Global and sell them to other customers. This is a great way for people to earn additional income and to help promote these products.

With all of the rapid growth, the production capabilities of Jeunesse Global have had to increase. The leaders of the company project a faster rate of growth in the years ahead as well. Now is the time for the company to invest in production planning in order to be prepared to ship products to customers. Jeunesse Global is a growing company that has an opportunity to make a positive impact in the beauty industry.


Everything You Need to Know about the Amazing USHEALTH Advisors

USHEALTH is a world leader in the industry of health insurance, and one of the most prominent companies of the field in Texas, United States, and the USHEALTH handles the sales and distribution of the USHEALTH Group, Inc. Follow:

The most significant difference is that the USHEALTH Group is actually a group of companies, not just one firm. They are a conglomerate of some of the best providers of health insurance, and the amount of professionals available in the group makes it one of the most complete health insurance brands in the vicinity with insurance plans for all types of families.

The company provides innovative customer care and sells new and exciting individual and family plans in addition to supplementary health products. The Freedom Life Insurance Company of America is a credible company that underwrites USHEALTH Advisors insurance products. Some of the products offered include Specified Disease/Sickness and other supplementary products. Also, low-priced insurance services are provided to families and individuals — not forgetting the fantastic package for small business owners and self-employed individuals too.

USHEALTH Advisors Address – How to Reach them

USHEALTH Advisors Insurance headquarters is in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, but they have more subsidiaries and partners scattered around locations in the U.S.

The address is at 2563 SW Grapevine Pkwy, Grapevine, Texas 76051, USA.

USHEALTH Advisors salary – Working with One of the Best in the Business

USHEALTH Advisors see their agents and staff as very important to the delivery of quality service. So, therefore, they get paid a premium wage, with a base salary of $70, 038 and total salary running up to $150,000. The commission and bonus structure is competitive; the take-home wage for an average agent is about $132,452. Apart from this, they are provided with adequate tools and a team of expert to supervise and support every agent.

USHEALTH Advisors insurance

USHEALTH Advisors is highly prominent in the US insurance industry. The quality services, well-equipped USHEALTH Advisors Agents and customer-facing nature of the company has made it a top rated insurance company. The company ensures the people who are ignorant of health insurance are taken care of, training their agents and customer service operators to explain clearly the different health insurance plans and their intrinsic benefits. Its insurance plans are very flexible, affordable and have adequate coverage. Learn more:



USHEALTH Advisors Team Is Introducing Some Great New Ideas

Located in Grapevine, Texas, USHEALTH Advisors is the sales and distribution wing of USHEALTH Group. The group focuses on marketing a collection of unwavering healthcare coverage policies endorsed and insured by the insurance companies that make up the USHEALTH Group. The target market of the USHEALTH Group is self-employed persons, single Americans, owners of small businesses and their dependents and employees. Follow USHealth Advisors at Twitter.

USHEALTH Group and its family of insurance companies together with USHEALTH Advisors have focused on meeting the various needs of the distinct healthcare market for more than 35 years. Their product portfolio offers opportunities to maintain the growing needs of personal insurance buyer despite the escalating health costs.

USHEALTH agents are assured of uncompromised support to their policyholders since USHEALTH Group’s client service offers accurate and quick responses to queries regarding claims and policies. As MyUSHG bring more functionality to the customer support portal the client’s self-service opportunities, continue to grow, and this enables them to get faster and real-time responses through the company’s website.

The agents of USHEALTH Advisors enjoy a motivating bonus structure. The qualifying levels for the bonuses are attained easily and also sustained through regular submission of new business. Through countless avenues of communication, USHEALTH Advisors sales team stays up-to-date with the latest developments in the organization.

BBB has ascertained that USHEALTH Advisors meets the BBB Accreditation Standards which incorporate a commitment to develop a good faith endeavor to resolve every client complaints. BBB Accredited corporations pay a specific fee for accreditation monitoring/review and maintenance of BBB services to the general public.

Being accredited by BBB doesn’t mean the company’s services or products have been endorsed or evaluated by BBB, or that it has ascertained that the company’s product quality or proficiency in delivering services. However, BBB monitors its files routinely on all accredited organizations to ensure that they maintain all the standards of BBB Accreditation at all times.

USHEALTH Advisors group acknowledges and appreciates the significant role played by its sales force in the success of the firm. Each sales leader in the team is an experienced professional who has spent several years in the field serving as a producing agent. These professionals are experts in health product market success and will give you the materials and training you require to succeed as well.

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One Planet Awards and What Troy McQuagge Won

One Planet is an organization made up of business experts from around the world that distributes awards for outstanding service and accomplishments in commercial and organizational activity at the international level. Earlier this year, Troy McQuagge, the current Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group Advisors, was crowned the Gold Winner of CEO of the Year by One Planet Awards.

USHEALTH Group Advisors, along with every other organization across the globe, was able to submit a nomination for the award of CEO of the Year, in addition to all other accomplishments recognized by One Planet Awards. The health insurance provider was one of hundreds of such bodies that submitted a bid for Troy McQuagge’s recognization.

Although One Planet Awards looks into all industries, the board of top-notch committee members considers public relations, marketing, corporate communications, and producers of innovative products and services as front-runners for receiving the awards.

Those interested in the annual One Planet Awards can find more at, and even submit their own votes. One Planet Awards recognized Mr. Troy McQuagge as having worked for USHEALTH Group Advisors since 2010, first building its division of captive distribution over his first four years with the firm. In 2014, he was named to the prestigious dual role of President and CEO of USHEALTH Group Advisors, bringing home an unmatched level of corporate growth and success for the firm in its industry, the ever-competitive individual health insurance field.

While Troy McQuagge is known considerably well by his peers in the insurance industry and throughout Texas, not everyone is aware of his background of rising from the bottom and making a slow-yet-steady ascent to the top. Follow Troy McQuagge on Twitter.

Mr. McQuagge first went to UCF, the University of Central Florida, and earned a bachelor’s of arts in 1983. He immediately went to work with Allstate Insurance Company within weeks of graduating, remaining with the company for the better half of two decades. McQuagge landed a position with the Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies in 1995, earning the title of President of its insurance subsidiary in 1997. That insurance division, typically shortened to UGA, was fortunate enough to have sales records broken several times.

He stayed with the insurance group through 2010, serving as its President for the final three years he spent with the then-named HealthMarkets. Troy McQuagge was the sole employee to credit for earning over one billion dollars’ worth of insurance sales throughout 2007, setting similar sales numbers through 2010. He moved on to USHEALTH Group Advisors in 2010, then named Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer in 2013. Less than twelve months later, he found a spot as President and CEO, a demanding role he remains in to this date. Read:

Oncotarget Abides By Its Free and Open Access Core Values

Oncotarget, being a renowned multidisciplinary journal that understands the important values of having free and open access to its readers of the scientific community.

Being a multidisciplinary traditional journal, its original focus was on oncology, the study of preventing diseases, with a special focus on cancer in this case.

Oncotarget consistently fulfills its free and open access core values by publishing papers online for everyone to see. Listen to an audio podcast of Oncotarget on Itunes.

With the stated objective being make the scientific results available, it is understandable to to review the study and results.

The true mission of Oncotarget is to use the journal along with its published papers to combat disease effectively.

Oncotarget fortunately collaborates with recognized scientific indexes by having its journal index in those scientific indexes.

The journal also archives to democratize access openly and freely to every researcher to further to comprehend the study that was conducted.

With the understanding needed to combat diseases effectively, Oncotarget understand the needed focus to include other subjects that are important such as microbiology.

Oncotarget, active since 2010, serves currently as the world’s largest oncology peer-reviewed research publication.

Doubling Its Publication Frequency

With the renowned reputation that the journal has acquired in such a short time, Oncotarget is set to increase and double the frequency of its publication.

Its readers are to receive new issues biweekly on Tuesday and on Friday due to the increased frequency of the publication.

Oncotarget has stated that this is to avoid (or at least, lessen) any hiatuses in the releases of their publications. Learn more at

Oncotarget’s Coming To Your Ears

Oncotarget is also releasing several podcasts, too, as well.

Together with the increased amount of frequency, this allows Oncotarget to serve its media consumers with the information that they need readily.

The goal of the podcasts being produced and supplied from Oncotarget is for one purpose: to allow scientists (and the scientifically-minded) to see new discoveries that have been uncovered through Oncotarget.

The upcoming series of audio podcasts serves as an auditory avenue to allow people to discover new developments in the scientific community.

The podcast series is to be available on Stitcher, Blubrry, and Soundcloud.

Continuing to Be Free and Open Access

Oncotarget continues to abide by its free and open access values when it helps the scientific community move forward with their studies in their field.


The Popularity, Reliability & Ingenuity of USHEALTH Group

In more ways than others, the word popularity and healthcare really doesn’t fit together. Healthcare is a serious benefit as well as a serious issue in this country. Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. Popularity isn’t on most people’s mind when speaking about healthcare because it feels unnatural. Luckily, this is a new day and there is one company that is changing the game because it’s leading by example. USHEALTH Group is its name and providing top-of-the-line healthcare is the game. Unlike the standard insurance programs, USHEALTH Group gives you more choices, and it gives you more flexibility.

The truth of the matter is that the company is a combination of multiple insurance providers. This may scare some people, but keep reading to see why this company stands out. USHEALTH Group tailors its coverage plans for you and only you. Whatever health issues you may be having, you can still find a plan that will take care all of your needs. If you just so happen to be strapped for cash, the company will bend over backward to help you become a member of the program. There are up to 2,000 agents here that will provide you with all of the necessary information. The company has grown dramatically over the years because it’s gaining so much positive attention. Its business LinkedIn account is loaded with informative information, breaking news and individual profiles.

Families can also receive service at an affordable price. You wouldn’t be able to say that about most of the other similar companies. To give you peace of mind, USHEALTH Group has served over 15,000 individuals across this great nation, and it has over 50 years of experience. The company’s mission is (H.O.P.E), which stands for helping other people everyday. All in all, USHEALTH Group is definitely setting the tone for the 21st century, and it’s laying a profound blueprint of success.

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U.S. Money Reserve And Hurricane Harvey

Southeast Texas, particularly the city of Austin, was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey earlier this year. Thanks to warm-hearted people all around the world, families across Austin and surrounding areas were provided with food, funds, shelter, and other necessities.


U.S. Money Reserve, in conjunction with the Austin Disaster Relief Network, raised just short of $220,000 in donations for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. The company was hit hard by the hurricane, as well, as one of its three Texas-based offices is based in Austin.


Through a website called YouCaring, where individuals and entities can seek donations for good causes, U.S. Money Reserve matched donations dollar-for-dollar made to the Austin Disaster Relief Network. The fund was titled the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.


The Chief Executive Officer of U.S. Money Reserve, Angela Koch, shared “We [at U.S. Money Reserve] felt deeply compelled to help our fellow Texans,” a sentiment that most Texans shared after Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc throughout the area.


Rather than keeping some of the donations for executives to profit from, all funds went specifically to providing assistance of all kinds to those living in the Gulf Coast Region of Texas.


Hurricane Harvey reached Category 4 status, just one classification short of the most severe type of hurricane, a Category 5. Throughout six days in late August, during the middle of the hurricane season, Hurricane Harvey made landfall on three occasions. In just the first 24 hours of the storm’s presence, it provided Texas with an exorbitant amount of rainfall – 24 inches in 24 hours. Unbelievably, over one-third of the city of Houston, Texas, was swimming underwater, desperate to have its excess of water flow out of Texas’ landmass.


Nearly 40,000 individuals were forced to leave their homes, having to seek shelter in homeless shelters and facilities open specifically for evacuees of the storm.


U.S. Money Reserve was incorporated in 2001, having operated consistently since then. The company is currently one of the largest precious metals deals, particularly those issued by the United States government. Today, U.S. Money Reserve is one of the planet’s biggest private distributors of precious metals, even those backed by foreign countries. Nearly one million individuals around the United States of America trust U.S. Money Reserve to provide them with physical stores of precious metals, rather than trusting banks to maintain their deposits. Clients, thanks to U.S. Money Reserve, are able to store gold and silver in their own homes. Learn more:




The Inspiring Success of Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is the current chief executive officer of Global CEO at Bogusky and Crispin. She associates her current achievements to her early life. Lori believes that her older sibling’s success aspired her to achieve high goals in her career as well as her life. By looking at her current success, somebody may quickly conclude that she has reached her dreams in life. Just after graduating with a bachelor degree in Sales and Marketing from the university, Lori joined the world of employment where Lori made everything that came to her into a success. Since she is talented in leading organizations and companies, she usually leaves them in a better state than she found them. Her commitment to ensuring that businesses and people attain their potential has made her famous among her potential employers. Her life story is nothing but a success.

In 2013, during the AWNY Game Charge Awards, Lori Senecal won the Quantum Leap Award because of her appealing and innovative leadership skills. She was also declared the woman to watch in the advertising world and industry. One thing that makes her very famous is her ability to develop a business in a short period. Due to this, any company that employs her always gets assured that she will perform her duties accurately and appropriately to get positive outcomes in the business.

Through her innovative nature, Lori established TAG Ideation in 2003; a marketing unit composed of young people. Lori has worked in some of the famous companies in the world. These organizations include the Stample, Xbox, Weight Watchers, Nabisco, Applebee’s Nestle, Molson, InBev among many others. Additionally, Lori has worked in the Coca-Cola company as the Global Accountant Director.

On PR News, recently, Lori gave some insights on what it takes to market effectively. She said that a marketing campaign of a company must fulfill three things for it to be effective. Firstly, the advert must have a message that targets well its audience. Secondly, the information must be understood by the audience, and lastly, it must motivate the audience to act. Lori has also shared on how to create effective Facebook Ads. For more info,visit the website,