Entrepreneur and Medical Investor Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian’s tenacity as an entrepreneur has brought him much success over the years. He graduated from Florida State University and entered the field of medical investing. He has helped build up many medical technology companies over the years. He continues to invest in early-stage medical companies in his position as managing partner at ASC Capital Holdings, LLC.

After twenty years of investing, Ara Chackerian decided to create his own company, and with the help of his business partner Brad Hummel, he created a chain of medical technology offices. The two partners decided to expand into another area of the medical business and began looking for ideas.

Following the advice from a colleague, Chackerian looked into transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy. He was amazed by the possibilities of the device and set up a meeting with esteemed transcranial magnetic stimulation doctor, Richard Bermudas.

Since coming together as a team, Chackerian, Hummel, and Dr. Bermudas have built seven different TMS Health Solutions clinics. They reimagined the psychiatric care model, with the goal of creating a medical center that facilitated the goals of both patients and doctors. The office spaces, designed by architect Josh Heitler, combine consultation rooms and transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment rooms.

Chackerian’s success can be traced to his methodology. He strives to provide excellent service to his patients and customers. He spends the time to ensure that his mind is clear and he focuses on remaining calm through tribulations.

Ara Chackerian does not like to have a schedule. He prefers to jump from project to project and to focus on whatever excites him. He finds that this method helps him stay motivated. He also believes that education is important, and he tries to learn new things every day.  You can search on Google to know more.

Chackerian spends a lot of time in nature, and he has used his financial power to find nature conservation projects.

Click here: https://www.slideshare.net/BradHummel3/tms-health-solutions-introduction