How Steve Hicks Started Southridge Capital

CEO Stephen Hicks founded Southridge Capital in 1996. Well-educated, Hicks has a bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from King’s College that is located in Briarcliff Manor, New York. Mr. Hicks earned his MBA degree at Fordham University in N.Y.


Prior to Southridge Capital, Hicks was employed at a small hedge fund company in New York, N.Y. As luck would have it, the owner of the hedge fund planned to move to Australia. It would take a year to wind the New York company down. Hicks found that it was the perfect time to start making plans to start his investment company. While Hicks spent his final years at the hedge fund company, he could spend his spare time developing Southhridge. Southridge Capital was launched before the hedge fund company was ready to close up business. Steve Hicks knew he made the right decision. Hicks spent the past 30 years putting his customers first. Hicks is always looking for new investment opportunities to present to his customers. Wall Street has been trading Southridge Capital stocks for more than 20 years. Check out



According to PR Newswire, Steve Hicks shared his investment business idea with his hedge fund business boss who let Hicks run his new business while still working for the hedge fund because of the circumstance. Today, Hicks begins his day reviewing his portfolio and going over a to-do list for himself. Hicks spends the rest of the day looking for new investment strategies and checking to see how the other investment projects are coming along. Southside has been going strong for 20 years and things are going well. Many of the people who come to Steve Hicks are those who want to finance their own companies. If he had to do it all over again, Steven Hicks he would focus more on cash than the returns. He would tell his younger self never to throw good money after bad. Hicks invested in a company called Petals, not realizing the company was failing. Hicks is excited about cryptocurrency and highly recommends that people start their own internet podcast for cryptocurrency patterned after CNBC.


Graeme Holm offers solutions on quick loan repayments

It is undeniable that many Australians are suffering from excessive debt burdens. These are people who have debts which they are unable to pay or struggling so much to pay. At the end of every month, it is tough to balance what goes to the bills and what will go to loans repayments. In the end, we have a scenario where people can no longer feel safe about their financial future because they have to depend on the little they are getting in the form of paychecks. Many Australians are falling into depression and financial frustration because they cannot figure out how they can solve the debt issues. Debt consolidation will not help you get out of debt easily unlike what many other people think. According to Graeme Holm, the founder of Infinity Group Australia, there are better solutions which cannot be compared to debt consolidation.




Infinity Group Australia is a company that was started with the customer in mind, and it was created in such a way that it would address the debt issue in the country. Holm who has worked in the financial industry all his career knows how the industry operates and he is convinced that banks do not care about the financial status of their clients, they are in busies, and they have to make money irrespective of the situation.




While Graeme Holm was working in the banking sector, he realized that many Australians were living a horrible financial life where they had to depend on a paycheck to paycheck kind of life which never allows them to meet all their needs. Holm has worked with top financial institutions in Australia in the past 17 years, he knows the ins and outs of the industry, and this is the reason he is best suited for offering solutions. Holm also observed that after the paycheck, many people are only able to pay the minimum amount agreed and therefore it will take long before a solution to the matter is found.




With infinity Group Australia, you can never go wrong. The company has a solution that has worked for the past five years, and there are many satisfied customers with the nature of the services they have received from this organization. Infinity Group Australia stands for paying a loan in the quickest time possible. When dealing with such a company, you have to be ready to adjust the budget plan since that is where additional income will come from.




Infinity Group Australia is working with these people, helping them to build the kind of life they would be proud of. There is no more depression due to finances with this company. Holm has created a plan that will solve the financial needs of the people and ensure that they see results in long term. Learn more: