Kevin Seawright: New Jersey Real Estate has Grown Significantly

In the recent years, most cities in the world have experienced a significant growth in real estate. Things have been so tough for many companies in real estate companies in the world. The mortgage crisis, which happened several years ago, did not make the situation better. This industry takes the lead for being one of the best and most profitable in the global market. In New Jersey, things have taken the right direction too. Investors, according to Kevin Seawright, have all the reasons to smile as they walk to the bank. The finance executive says that most of the cities that are found in New Jersey have witnessed some significant percentage in the real estate growth. Here are some of the cities in the area and how they have changed. See more of Kevin Seawright at Crunchbase


As one of the cities in the center of New Jersey, Kevin Seawright says that this is the places that have grown significantly in real estate. The city might be located in the hilly part of New Jersey, but is very spacious, and it is also quiet. There is a waterfront in this part of the city, and it attracts many home buyers who want to live in a spacious and quiet region. The city has also shown the potential to change in the future.


For the people who would love to live in places that are a bit quiet, Carlstadt is the ideal city. Although this part of the country is not popular among the people who want to own homes, it has been growing in the right direction. The rise in value is attributed to the fact that the place is located just a few meters away from New York City. Kevin Seawright has asked more people to consider taking the investments in New Jersey real estate because it is better than all other industries.



Serge Belamant: Inventor Of The First Blockchain Debit Card

Blockchain technology has taken the world by surprise. At the top of companies offering blockchain applications is Net1 UEPS Technologies in South Africa. Serge Belamant is the founder of Net1. The company began its operations in 1989. This financial technology company earns a lot of free money flow from its blockchain applications. As of now, the stock is highly undervalued, and if this goes on, Net1 will be able to purchase back all public shares by 2023. The blockchain is going to revolutionize the banking sector in surprising ways.

The Role of Net1

Net1 is South Africa’s leading provider of transaction and payment processing solution services. The firm deals in designing, developing, and offering marketing services, solutions, and transactions. The company’s transaction processing department provides the South African government with a welfare distribution service. It also helps local utilities, banks, hospitals and retailers in the processing of transactions. Net1 also offers transaction processing services on an international level to Korean customers. UEPS has a financial inclusion segment that deals in providing short-term loans to agencies. From this, Serge Belamant and his team at Net I generate money by charging services and initiation fees.

Blockchain Technologies Debit Card

UEPS Technologies’ blockchain technologies come in the form of a smart card. The card can be used as a debit card. It is compatible with Europay Master card Visa. The smart card can be used in all areas where EMV’s are accepted. This card can work both offline and online. There is no need of centralized computers to record, encrypt and give permission for transactions to take place. With UEPS, Net1 has managed to modernize grant payments by offering speed, security, and interoperability.

About Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant is of French descent. He was born in 1953, and when he was 14 years old, he moved to South Africa. He went to high school in Highlands North. He also went to Witwatersrand University where he studied engineering, applied mathematics, and computer science. Although he did not complete these studies, he did information systems courses via UNISA. Serge Belamant is the founder and former Chief Executive Officer of Net1 Technologies.

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The support Herbalife Nutrition is giving new mothers

A new mother should tailor their diet in a way that it will be rich in critical nutrients. Every meal that they take should be a balanced meal rich in fruits, protein, vegetable and complex carbohydrates. Apart from healthy eating for new mothers, they need nutritional supplements in their diet. The key supplement that new mothers need is calcium and every day they should ensure that they are getting 1000mgs of calcium. The calcium they can get them from the soya beans, dairy, green vegetables, nuts, and edible fish bones. The other thing that can be of help is adding calcium supplements that will ensure that the right intake of the supplements is adequately met. Also, iron is the other supplement that’s needed by the new mothers. It will be helpful in the generating of new blood cell so that those lost in childbirth will be replaced.

Meeting the new mother nutritional needs is not always an easy thing especially if the only thing to depend on is diet alone. Even for a meal that’s balanced, strategic and well-rounded, it will sometimes lack the needed nutrients. The good news is that Herbalife Nutrition has come up with a new nutritional booster that will fill the gaps. Herbalife Nutrition’s New Mom for Wellness Booster will contain all the vitamins, supplements, minerals and support that new mother’s need. It will include things like vitamin A essential for the immune system, for the bones and teeth the calcium and vitamin D will take care of that, regulating of the hormones vitamin D6 and to keeping with the new baby the mothers will need folate for energy.


In addition to the ingredients, the supplements will contain things like iron and copper that will be of assistance to increase immunity and maintaining healthy blood, thiamin to better their sleep and riboflavin for the energy boost. Herbalife Nutrition made sure that well-known nutrition scientist created the nutritional booster for new mothers. The production of the product was of the high standard, and they only had one focus, and that is the needs of new mothers.

A new mother should take the booster once a day, and the good thing about the supplements is that they have no added sugars, flavors, sweeteners and colors. That will be of help because a new mother does not need to add on more weight. They can take the booster through a shake or any beverage that they like.


Jose Auriemo Neto Is One Of The 500 Most Influential People Shaping Brazil’s Economy.

The commercial real estate is a lucrative venture for individuals who can thrive in the demands of the profession. If you aspire to invest in this industry, you should understand the terminologies, market shifts, and predicaments of the niche. Some skills and considerations must also be considered as the industry can be recompensing and unpredictable. For Jose Auriemo Neto of JHSF, the commercial real estate has been rewarding.

JHSF was founded in 1972 by Fabio and Jose Neto as well as two other partners who played a crucial role in strategizing the business. The firm majored on construction and the development of real estate properties. In 1990, it split into two units with Fabio overseeing operations in JHSF and Jose Auriemo Neto taking over JHSJ. In 2001, the company expanded its operations into the development and management of shopping centers including Santa Cruz Metro and Fasano Group of Hotels. Under the guidance of Jose Auriemo Neto, head of operations, JHSF became a significant stakeholder in Brazil’s commercial real estate sector. The company also indulged in various partnerships based on the acquisition of multiple malls. In 2016, Neto led JHSF in purchasing Metro Tucuruvi Shopping Mall and in 2014, he spearheaded the inauguration of Catarina Fashion Outlet, one of Brazil’s luxurious malls. It was part of a project that included Sao Paulo Catarina Executive Airport, one of the first airports in the country.

Every year, the fashion industry introduces a new edition of the list of some of the most influential people in the business around the world. In 2018, the Jose Neto was featured on the list as one of the movers and shakers of the industry. The entrepreneur was honored in a gala dinner hosted by the English publication in New York. Neto who is the chairman of JHSF is an alumnus of FAAP where he studied engineering before venturing into the real estate industry. His success is appended to his determination and focus in finding excellent results for his business. He is also admired by emerging business professionals seeking to create a business portfolio in the commercial real estate.

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Sheldon Lavin Contribution To The Sustainability Debate

Sheldon Lavin has redefined the sustainability debate in the past. As part of the largest company in food production and distribution, Lavin believes that the sustainability debate will be the future of food production. Lavin has always been a believer in technology especially in making the production of food less toxic to the environment. Due to his approach to technology in sustainability debate, Lavin has led the company to an era where the company has been a recipient of many awards in the environmental world.

What makes Sheldon Lavin such an exceptional CEO? Lavin has the best understanding of how major companies such as OSI operates. He is an expert in ensuring that the consumer is at the center stage of food production. This philosophy has always been the company’s signature for the years he has been in charge of this giant food company. Second, Sheldon Lavin has always been an expert in resources optimization. The food industry is different from the other industries and every piece of raw material is important. Through this knowledge, Lavin has made the company invest in infrastructure such as storage facilities to minimize on wastage. Finally, the reason why Lavin is such an exceptional CEO and a president is due to his approach to technological advancement that according to him forms the basis of the company’s approach to the future.

In addition to being one of the most successful CEO and a president in the competitive food market, Sheldon Lavin is a recipient of numerous and high prestige awards. As a financial expert working in food industry, many firms have awarded him for his unmatched success in this niche. He is also personate about courses that have a human interest in them. Over the years, he has contributed Ronald McDonald House Foundation. Through these donations, he is able to be part of the solution to homelessness and medical assistance to poor families in the USA.

In his own words, being successful entails a lot of work. However, Sheldon Lavin points out no venture can be successful without proper planning and understanding all the logistics of the venture.

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Neurocore and Trail Blazers

Trail Blazers is very concerned about its players’ fitness and health. They always want to keep their players at their best for them to give good results while they play. They have teamed up with Neurocore which is a company that specializes in brain assessment and provides programs to boost the patients’ concentration spun, sleep and also teaches them on how to manage stress. Trail Blazers tied up with Neurocore to help boost their players’ mental health and concentration through their brain training program. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Through Neurocore’s Pro device, it has helped the athletes to recover by improving their sleep. This Pro device works by using low-frequency waves which boost recovery and re-establishes sleep to patients. Tim Royer who is the founder of Neurocore company believes that when athletes get enough sleep, they build resilience to hard training and perform better at the court. The tight schedule of the players lives them fatigued which impairs their body functions. Neurocore has constructed a brain room which is equipped with customized approaches which come in handy in boosting parts of the body such as the brain, cardiovascular systems, respiratory system, and endocrine system.


Trail blazers have devised a way to make their player keep calm and focused in the game. This is through watching movies and videos recorded in DVDs. The movie or video immediately stops playing when the player’s concentration is disrupted or when the player simply loses focus on the movie or video. The program is more like meditation using technology. This helps the athletes to relax and also boost their physical training. Tim Royer believes that when athletes are mentally strong, chances of having a mental breakdown will be rare since they will be capable of handling any pressure given to them.

Neurocore Pro is designed to provoke the part of the brain that is involved in controlling the muscle movement in the body. The athlete mainly uses this part of the brain since they are always involved in vigorous activities. When this part of their brain is kept active, the athletes will be capable of producing better results when they play. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

The Impact of Leadership on an Organization Inspired by Sheldon Lavin

The OSI Industries is tremendously growing. The small domestic firm founded by Otto in 1907 has grown into a multinational firm. The OSI industries now have more than 65 locations from all over the world. The firm has managed to grow as a result of the right choice of leadership.

Leadership is everything in every institution. The senior leaders are like the drivers. They help in navigating and deciding where the firm heads. Sometimes the driver has to use their knowledge during emergencies to prevent the car from crashing. The same applies to the senior leaders; it is not everything they need has a listed solution. Sometimes they have to go past the rules and predictions to save the firm. Visit to learn more.

Sheldon Lavin is among the people who have positively impacted the OSI Industries. He joined the firm when the Otto & Sons approached him as a financial consultant to fund the expansion of their firm. He has been propelling the firm since then. He says that when the Otto & Sons approached him, he was afraid because he had not been in business for a long time. However, it was a risk worth taking. Fortunately, he has nothing to regret.

Sheldon Lavin is now the majority shareholder of the firm and the CEO as well. He is passionate about his work. He has many qualities that have led to his success in the food industry. For instance, the firm has a culture that helps in retaining the employees avoiding the recruitment process which is both costly and requires a lot of time. Lavin has also established a culture that allows the consumers to feel like part of the organization. Their feedback in the firm is valid.

Sheldon Lavin encourages the young entrepreneurs to invest in a large scale. He explains that buying in large quantities helps in enjoying the benefits of scale. The first thing Sheldon Lavin did when he joined the industry is making all his companies multinational companies. Following this, he became profitable within a year. This is a huge thing in the business world since there companies that wait for years before they earn any profits.



Distributors of Organo Gold Can Help Explore The Benefits Of These Products

When a person picks up a cup of coffee the last thing they are going to be thinking about is the improving their health. Some brands of coffee like the ones that are created by Organo Gold are making it much easier for people to create a healthy morning beverage that can actually help with boosting the immune system. This type of coffee Organo Gold makes is standing out as a healthy beverage company.

When you get plugged into an independent distributor they can tell you just how well this Organo Gold coffee works. The distributors that are going to Organo Gold University know all about the Ganoderma mushroom and how it has flourished.

Consumers can educate themselves on Organo Gold benefits that come with beverages, but many people are going to get a much better notion about what they can expect when it comes interacting and talking with one of the independent distributors.

It is true that coffee is something of an acquired taste, and everyone is not always going to embrace every new brand of coffee that they care about. This is another reason that you may connect with independent distributors. The distributors that are selling the cofee all have different method for how they attract their customers. You may have the ability to connect to someone that will let you try samples of the coffee. This gives you the advantage of knowing what the general taste is like before you buy. When you get with independent distributors that know about the benefits of Organo Gold you also have the ability to learn about different products.

When you become aware of the other benefits that are offered by Organo Gold it makes you much more conscious of the benefits that you can read from using hygiene products as well as the beverages that you purchased through Organo Gold.

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Soccer Investments Made By Fortress Founder Wes Edens

The popular English soccer team, Aston Villa has recently found itself out of the top flight of the game but could see a return with the arrival of new owners. In the Summer of 2018, Fortress Investments co-founder Wes Edens partnered with Egyptian billionaire Nassef Sawiris to purchase a controlling 55 percent interest in the historic club. Edens is a sports fan of excellent standing with the NBA and other sporting bodies who has built a reputation for success among the fans of the Milwaukee Bucks since taking control of franchise in 2014.

One of the main concerns for the University of Oregon graduate has been to respect the traditions of the NBA franchise and maintain these as the team moves into the future. Wes Edens was intent on explaining to the fanbase of the Bucks at the time of purchase that he had no interest in moving the team to a new TV market. The chance to increase the amount of money on offer for a franchise is often the reason for a purchase to be made, but Edens has made it clear his love of sports drives his ambition.

Much like the Bucks, Aston Villa is known as a sleeping giant of English soccer and has a history dating back to the inaugural Football League competition in 1888. Under the leadership of Wes Edens and Nassef Sawiris, the club is hoping to return to the Premier League competition they were relegated from at the close of the 2015-16 season.

Much like the Bucks franchise, the arrival of Wes Edens comes at a time of concern for Aston Villa fans who have become concerned about their team after a period of neglect by previous owners. Just four years after the arrival of Wes Edens in Milwaukee, the Bucks are prospering in a new arena promised by Edens and completed as the first phase of a regeneration of Milwaukee’s Entertainment District.

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Hyland’s- A Homeopathic Approach to Your Baby’s Teething Care

A crying baby in the night with an ache in their gums can be a hard experience for both the parent and baby, but can also be easily treated by an all-natural product such as Hyland’s baby oral relief tablets.


Hylan’s baby teething relief is a safe and gentle solution to the ailments of your baby’s swollen or sore gums.


Hyland’s oral tablets use ingredients that do not contain any artificial flavors or dyes. The active ingredients that are contained inside the oral relief tablets are all-natural and safe for your baby.


Hyland’s oral teething relief is easily taken by mouth as they dissolve quickly, making ingestion much easier for your baby.


Using Hyland’s is a traditional homeopathic approach to soothing the aches and pains of your baby’s gums. Remedy solutions such as Hyland’s are one of the best ways to treat your baby’s aching gums due to the all-natural and high-quality ingredients used in their products.


Hyland’s evokes a vision based on family values and a history that is held near and dear to the company’s core values. Hyland’s gives a foundation based on the history ingrained in their message. They believe that history is a living thing, a message humanity carries in their hearts and is passed down through their products.


Hyland’s was founded back in 1903, is a homeopathic practice that produces health and wellness solutions. All their products contain the best ingredients and natural contents. Hyland’s has been a trusted brand by families for over a century and is one of the leading Homeopathic companies in the North American continent.