Ara Chackerian’s Difference

Ara Chackerian is a well-known business and philanthropy entrepreneur who has made a name for himself all over the world. Chackerian promotes that from a young age his parents raised him to think critically about life, which has helped configure his life and helping others. His primary focus has been in the healthcare industry where he has helped to bridge the gap between technology and services provided within healthcare facilities. Chackerian is based out of San Francisco, California and presently sits on several boards in the Bay Area.


Most recently Ara and his long-term partner have ventured out to out-patient diagnostic radiology centers. Also, as suggested by the two are looking into a treatment for depression called transcranial magnetic stimulation that supposed to help those with depression. By the research that has been conducted it has been shown that TMS could potential become a third pillar of psychiatric care.


With bridging the gap between technology and medicine, Ara follows digital healthcare closely as there is potential that it could bring tremendous value to the healthcare system. Algorithms have the capability of being able to detect behavior changes whether positive or negative that is not always clearly seen from a human point of view which can make a remarkable different in how patients are treated. To see more you can checkout



According to, traditionally with how practices have been shaped and how regulations and guidelines are set it become difficult for a doctor to be a doctor. Chackerian, his partner, and other partnerships they have are trying to incorporate a ‘patient first’ methodology instead. Through their efforts they now have seven new facilities. Due to the nature of the patients that they treat the facilities are more on a tranquil inviting level rather than the traditional doctor’s office feel which has been showing to help those with psychiatric disorders.


Statistics, research, and knowledge make all the difference in how a patient is treated and how the healthcare system can evolve. With Ara Chackerian’s approach the face of healthcare could really change. Those seeking help and those who are providers could benefit from the methodologies that Chackerian is using and developing with others. For more info you can checkout

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  1. Ara Chackerian is one entrepreneur who is doing very well in the health sector. Not too many entrepreneurs are in the health sector but Ara has taken upon himself to help those who cannot really afford the expensive treatment according to RSB access quality treatment for themselves. This Ara is doing with what I describe as digital healthcare which ordinarily would have cost a fortune.

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