Mikhail Blagosklonny; Why he is a Distinguished Physician

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a scientist with a unique field of specialty. The professor of oncology studies about aging and cancer. He is a proud alumnus of First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Peterburg. It is in this institution where he earned his M.D in internal medicine as well as his Ph.D. in experimental medicine and cardiology. He has always exhibited a particular liking for cancer therapies as well as the causal tools of aging and anti-aging medication.

Basics Concerning Mikhail’s Editorial Roles

Mikhail Blagosklonny sits on an editorial board of Cell Death and Differentiation, which is a revised peer newsletter printed by Nature Publishing Group. Additionally, he is also an assistant editor of Cancer Biology and Therapy. That is not forgetting about Aging, Cell Cycle, and Oncortaget, publications for which he served as a senior editor. The matchless medical mind has as well published papers exceeding 270 on the peer-revised journal. He is an icon who stands out as a distinguished doctor in this time and age.

Mikhail Blagosklonny’s Responsibilities at Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI) is a cancer research and treatment institute which was inaugurated in 1898. The New York-based cancer center was founded by Dr. Roswell Park and has continually known development and embraced modern day technology in their research. It is in this institution that Dr. Mikhail serves as a professor of oncology. Right now the facility produces drugs and innovative treatment. Their medication helps across adult and pediatric cancer, implying they are quite on the move. View Mikhail’s profile on Google Scholar


It is amazing to realize that Mikhail is relentless and so zealous about bringing change and finding the cure for cancer. They are always conducting research and analyzing vital statistics so as to be informed about the next move. Roswell Park Cancer Institute has several research centers. Some of them include; Breast Service, Dermatology, Soft Tissue Melanoma, Gynecology, Neurology to mention but a few. At RPCI, high-dose chemotherapy, as well as specialized treatments, are provided. For people said to have survived from childhood cancer, follow-up clinics are emphasized. With selfless and devoted researchers in medicine, surely the health sector is bound to grow significantly. Follow Mikhail on Loop.

Wen Fig Conditioner: A Bustle Review

Wen has been getting lots of positive attention lately from celebrities who say the products are beneficial. The WEN hair care line, created by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean, is free of synthetic ingredients and contains essential oils that are especially soothing for the hair and scalp.

If you’ve seen the Wen commercials (http://www.qvc.com/beauty/wen/_/N-rhtyZ1z141dz/c.html) and want to know if the products are right for you, Bustle’s Emily McClure reviewed the Fig conditioner from Wen for seven days, and here’s what she discovered.

On the first day, Emily noticed that she had to use way more conditioner to cleanse her hair than she did with other brands. However, she did notice that the conditioner immediately made her hair smoother and shinier. Throughout the week, she found that her hair was significantly less frizzy, even though it didn’t hold curls for very long. She said her hair felt thicker as well, and near the end of the week, her friends even commented on how shiny her hair was.

McClure says that she would recommend Wen Fig conditioner to women who want to add more volume to their hair. She also says the conditioner is great for moisturizing the hair and works great for women who style their hair on a daily basis. Try Wen hair, order online via eBay or Guthy-Renker.


How Helane Morrison has ensured Compliance in Corporations

Helane Morrison is a top attorney who has spent the better part of her career ensuring that organizations comply with laws that govern securities. This has been through her two-decade service to the Securities and Exchange Commission and her role as the head of compliance at the Hall Capital Partners. Morrison attended the Northwestern University and graduated with a degree in journalism. She then enrolled for her Juris Doctor at the University of California’s School of Law and graduated in 1984. When Helane was in law school, she was made editor-in-chief by the California Law Review. The State Bar of California of California accepted her as a member in 1987.


Morrison started her practice as an attorney by working in the private sector. In 1986, she was hired by the Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkina, which is a leading law firm that is located in San Francisco. Helane served as a lawyer at the company and became an associate in 1991. Her responsibilities included offering legal services in corporate investigations, business lawsuits, SEC related cases, and many securities issues. She was also hired to advise stock traders and intermediaries during arbitration’s.


In 1996, Helane kicked off her career at the SEC. She is a hard working individual, and therefore, she was able to hold various senior offices. The attorney was once appointed as the director of enforcement activities at the San Francisco District. She sued various corrupt official in top corporations such as Google, Dean Witter, NextCard, Inc., HBO, New York’s Republic Securities, and Hewlett-Packard.


The SEC later promoted her to head the San Francisco District. Morrison was in office up to 2007 when she retired and joined the Hall Capital Partners. The jurisdiction of her office covered all the Northwestern States, which are North California, Alaska, Washington, North Nevada, Oregon, and Montana. She headed all the SEC activities that were conducted in these areas and reported to the Los Angeles-based Pacific Regional Office headquarters.


Very few female attorneys can match Helane Morrison’s accomplishments at the SEC. The chief of district office has been held by very few women, and they are Mary Keefe, Carmen Lawrence, and Valerie Capron. Helane did an excellent job when she was heading the San Francisco District. She ensured that the organization’s website offered adequate information to the public on securities. Morrison also acted a representative of the institution in many official engagements such as legal matters, business transactions, financial groups, and in government organizations.


Madison Street Capital Facilitates the ARES Security’s Growth

Madison Street Capital recently served as an investment advisor of the ARES Security during a minority recapitalization transaction. ARES Security has gained international recognition for being one of the best providers of state-of-the-art technology that is used in the safeguarding the most critical and valuable assets on the globe. The company’s president is Ben Eazzetta, and he highly acknowledged that outstanding the advice that the Madison provided. One of the top administrators of the investment firm, Reginald McGaugh, said that he trusts the competence of its management. Madison’s staff strived to ensure that ARES Security got an excellent financing partner that could offer reliable services.


The ARES Security’s president acknowledged the unique solutions that it received from Madison Street Capital in 2016. He was gratified by the approach that the firm uses in offering its services, which include getting a funding partner and valuation. The staff of the Madison Street Capital worked hard to provide ARES the best financing partner that would facilitate its efforts of developing an exceptional capital structure. ARES Security’s management believes that that Corbel is a top finance firm that provides reliable and innovative solutions that will be essential in the development of a notable equity. The suppleness and interaction ability of the funding company makes it easy for ARES to improve its sells strategies and also take advantage of rising opportunities. Corbel Structured Equity Partners is among the trusted enterprises that provide equity funds. The business has been offering its services since 2013 and currently controls about 95 million.


ARES Security is highly regarded for the sophisticated security technology that it offers. The premises of the enterprise are located in Vienna, Virginia Atlanta. It is among the world’s leaders in providing security risk control products. The solutions that are developed by ARES Security can be utilized in transportation, energy, nuclear plants, and safeguarding top programs that are owned by the government.


Madison Street Capital is a multinational investment banking institution that has been operating for several years. The firm follows various principals when dealing with the clients, and they are service, excellence, integrity, and leadership. Madison Street Capital reputation is outstanding due to the solutions that it has been providing. They include merger and acquisitions, financial choices, and estimations of the worth of an enterprise. All its services are devoted to ensuring that the clients can access global markets. Madison Street Capital considered new opening as the best method that can be used in ensuring the global growth of the clients.

For more details, http://madisonstreetcapital.org/about-madison-street-capital.html


Richard Blair Applying His Advisory Skills to Help Austin Society with Their Investment and Retirement Plans

If you live in Austin, Texas, own assets and you have been wondering how to grow, protect and manage them; Wealth Solutions are here to help you. The firm will give you the right advice that will allow you to accomplish your financial goals.

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions Company. He is an expert in this investment advisory as he has the relevant academic qualifications demanded by this role. Some of the certificates possessed by Richard include RICP, CAS, CFS and CES. He applies his expatriate and experience to offer investment advisory as well as form a sound partnership with his clients.

Blair is at the forefront in helping the Austin residents by offering the best wealth management solutions as well as assisting them with their retirement plans. To attain this goal, Richard’s firm has adopted three pillar strategies. With this approach, wealth solution can discover their customers’ wealth standing as well as their retirement arrangements. Once Richard and his team get this information, they are capable of creating a tailor-made solution for every Wealth Solutions’ customer.

The first pillar is focused on helping clients to disclose their financial plans. Besides, the component is designed to understand the background of the customer by looking at his or her strengths, risk tolerance, objectives as well as the available chances to grow. Collecting this information will help Wealth Solutions to formulate the best financial roadmap for the client.

The second pillar is customized according to customers liquidity needs. Richard does this as a way of developing a long-term action plan that will address the customers’ investment needs besides reducing the risks during poor economic times.

The final pillar is designed to meet the insurance requirements of the clients. This happens once Blair establishes the financial objectives of the clients as well as the approach to use to achieve the goals.

According to Manta, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions went to the University of Houston where he graduated with a Bachelor of Finance degree. Blair got the passion for studying hard and pursuing different courses from her family members. He also had a strong desire to continue any course in finance.

The Rise of Vijay Eswaran with the Ql Group of Companies

Vijay Eswaran is one of the best role models to watch when it comes to entrepreneurship. He has exceptionally made his way in what would otherwise be referred to as a world of limited resources to becoming one of the leading men in Malaysia when it comes to wealth. He is known to take advantage of any available opportunity on YouTube he encounters on his way.

Mr. Eswaran’s extraordinary journey from a civil servants’ son to his current wealth status started in the UK when he was a student. While pursuing his economics studies at the London School of Economics, Vijay used to do some of the oddest jobs such as; construction, and grape picking of which played a significant role in transforming his role. Vijay was able to master the art network marketing effectively. He got involved in several marketing companies’ comprising of the CIBA from where he acquired professional qualifications on the-v.net. While pursuing his Master’s in Business Administration at the University of Illinois, Vijay got a part-time job with the American MLM company Synaptics. On seeing his determination and smartness, the COSWAY Group gave Mr. Eswaran an opportunity to found their branch in the Philippines upon his graduation in 1944.

Read more: Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran Speaks At World Economic Forum 2016

With time the small MLM Company under the leadership of Mr. Eswaran grew to become the Ql Group. The company gained millions of representatives who worked independently all over the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. The company’s progressive success promoted Vijay’s figure out of his exclusive abilities worldwide and more specifically in the Southeast Asia. On the 21st day of November 2016, Vijay was awarded for his great achievement in the world of business.

Vijay Eswaran is currently working as the QI Group’s Executive Chairman. The Company established in 1998 strives to merge direct sales power of people to the Internet’s global reach.

Away from business, Vijay is also on one of the most active philanthropists. He has founded organizations of charity including the Vijayarantnam Foundation and the RHYTHM Foundation from where he offers support on finances and other materials to the needy.

Squaw Valley Statement


A public statement has now been released by Squaw Valley Ski Holdings addressing confirmed findings of E. coli and coliform bacteria in the drinking water. The initial health reports were released on Nov. 8 and Squaw Valley has since been working to fully eradicate the contamination and restore water quality to normal. Restaurants at upper mountain have not reopened despite Squaw Valley’s reported progress and drinking the water is still not allowed, but top-to-bottom skiing has continued. There have been no reports of illness related to the contamination at upper mountain.

The extended statement made by Squaw Valley named the flooding of one of their upgraded water systems had been caused by an uncharacteristic downpour, resulting in the contamination of the drinking water at upper mountain. According to the statement, Squaw Valley was just one of several water systems in Placer County affected by the rainstorm and they maintain that the contamination was limited to just one system on the resort. Because the issue was addressed soon after its discovery, the contaminated water never reached the public. The issue was discovered during routine testing, after which they immediately contacted the Squaw Valley Public Service District and the Placer County Environmental Health. They have since teamed up with leaders in water safety and have been working toward restoring water quality. Safety continues to be of the highest concern, so Squaw Valley doesn’t plan to resume regular water usage until they regain normal levels. Guests at the resort will continue to have full access to all facilities at Squaw Valley and free bottled water will also be provided. While they continue to work alongside experts in water safety, Squaw Valley announced that they will keep guests informed and updated as to the progress of the matter.

Violence at The Quincy

On November 30, 2012, a pizza delivery man approached an apartment building on Quincy Circle in the Dayton section of South Brunswick in New Brunswick, NJ, but was told by the resident inside that no order had been placed. As he returned to his vehicle, he was approached from behind by three male suspects who claimed the pizza was for them. One man held the delivery driver at gunpoint, and the suspects made off with the driver’s wallet, money, and pizza. After fleeing the scene on foot initially, all of the suspects disappeared into an older, dark-colored minivan. None of them were apprehended until months later. One suspect, Parysh Wood, was arrested by South Brunswick Police in May of 2013 in connection with this incident, and is presently being held on $100,000 bail. He was caught using digital evidence that placed him at the scene of the crime when it occurred.


Another violent incident occurred in the area on October 5, 2015, when several gunshots were fired in the vicinity of Building 1. Police responded to a call at 33 Commercial Avenue, and found that one individual had sustained non-life-threatening injuries. He was treated at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and discharged. The injured person was unable to provide police with a comprehensive description of the suspect; he only recalled that he was wearing a hoodie and fled toward Neilsen Street. Additional bullet casings were found on the grounds of the apartment complex the following day during an unrelated exercise, further complicating the investigation. The identities of both the victim and the suspect are being kept confidential while the investigation is ongoing.

The Knowledge and Experience of James Dondero in Investment Management

Highland Capital Management is an American investment management enterprise that currently operates from Dallas, Texas. The company has been renowned in the finance sector for the excellent services that it offers, and it is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The firm manages divisions in various cities such as New York, Singapore, Sao Paulo, and Seoul. It has gained global recognition for being a leading credit manager, and the total assets that it currently manages are worth more than $18 billion.

The main fields that the company has majored in are credit hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations, and special situations equity. Learn more about James Dandero: http://www.insidermonkey.com/hedge-fund/highland+capital+management/173/

Highland is depended on by a variety of clients, and they included governments, funds of funds, foundations, endowments, and public pension schemes. The firm has healthy relationships with its customers. It makes them perceive themselves as real partners by consulting them throughout the business transactions.

Highland Capital Management has been offering its services since 1993. Its founders were James Dondero and Mark Okada. The company is run by James Dondero, who is its CEO and president. The administrator has been in the industry for more than three decades, and he uses his ample experience in serving the customers.

The finance sector recognized him for his excellent understanding of collateralized loan obligation (CLO). He created the first CLO that is not linked with banks. His management skills are unparalleled, and he led funds such as Floating Rate Opportunities and Global Allocation to win awards.

James Dondero studied accounting and finance at the University of Virginia, where he was awarded a degree. His other academic qualifications are being a Certified Management Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst.

James has worked in various companies. He served for the American Express, and he was made to be in charge of the circulation of $1 billion. GIC also employed him as a chief investment officer, and he oversaw $2 billion.

Mr. Dondero sits on the boards of companies such as the American Banknote and MGM Studios. He has also served as a chairperson of the CCS Medical Corporation, Cornerstone Healthcare, and NexBank.

Inmate Video Visitation by Securus

Watching the video of a Christmas time visitation where a father and son are reconnected from a prison during Christmas reminded me of a time when I couldn’t visit a loved one who was incarcerated


When inmates are locked up many miles from their families, on-site visitation becomes an added inconvenience and expense for the family.


Securus Technologies, the world leader in prison communications, has changed the landscape of prison visitation. Secures implemented the video visitation in more than 2,000 correctional facilities.


More recently they have enhanced the experience with the visitation from home option. This allows many inmates, whose families are unable to make long trips to see them, easy and more affordable. Family members can now have the pleasure of spending time with their loved ones from the comfort of their homes.


This also plays a role in the development of the inmate’s psychological well-being in that it eases their adjustment to the prison life experience. Christmas gatherings, birthdays, and children are the joys of life they don’t have to miss anymore.


Additionally, Secures is implementing an online feature where a family member can actually share their visits from the comfort of home. This means that more family members can participate in the visit at the same time. In the normal course of a prison site visit, the number of people allowed to take part in the visit is usually limited to a small number, usually 2-3, due to space limitations.


Not only has Secures narrowed the distance between family and inmate, they have made it easier with their mobile app. Now I could take may tablet with me and my wife could still share my life while serving her time.


Secures’ innovations have a value added effect for prisons as well. The implementing of this technology allows prison personnel to perform other duties. All of this reduces that amount of staff needed for visitations, reduces the costs of this practice, and increases safety in the correctional facility.