JD.com Shows Why It is China’s Largest Retailer

JD.com, the largest retailer in China, is extend its reach to Thailand. It has decided to partner with Central Group, the leading Thai retail conglomerate, continues to expand further into areas in Southeast Asia. The partnership has lead to the launch of “JD CENTRAL,” an e-commerce platform. though plans for the new online platform were made public some time ago it didn’t officially debut until late September. The platform is expected to significantly increase JD’s influence in the region. The retailer already possesses a thriving e-commerce platform in Indonesia and a strategic investment in Tiki, Vietnam’s leading B2C e-commerce business.

JD CENTRAL is looking to specialize in both direct sales and marketplace models. It has performed a lot better that what was expected before the overall sales were tallied. JD offers a wide variety of products on the site, ranging from digital products and home appliances to toiletries and beverages to name a few. the majority of the people that purchase products from the site access the platform by way of their phone. the most popular products among shoppers tend to be those manufactured by Chinese companies.

What separates JD from other retailers is its cutting edge technology. It has allowed the retailer to create arguably the most advanced retail operation to date. For instance, no retail operation can compete with its speed of delivery, especially to Thai consumers. JD has created a great working relationship with local Thai delivery service providers. Because of the relationships it has established it announced that it would soon be offering same day delivery and nationwide coverage. Vincent Yang, JD CENTRAL CEO, says the retailer is constantly takes steps towards its goal of servicing customers throughout all of Southeast Asia. JD CENTRAL also helps leading brands like Vipshop connect with Thai consumers. Vipshop is an online clothing company based in China.

Expansion of JD.com in Southeast Asia

JD.com has collaborated with Central Group, the popular Thai retail conglomerate which has expanded its operations in Southeast Asia. That followed the official launching of the “JD CENTRAL’’, an e-commerce platform on September 28. The new platform extends Jingdong footprints in the region, which includes Indonesia’s e-commerce platform, B2C e-commerce business in Vietnam, and Tiki strategic investment. The Jingdong test operations were initiated during the firm’s anniversary on June 18 with the expectation of sales increase. Currently, JD.com offers marketplace models and direct sales with different categories of products that can be accessed directly through the firm’s website. These are fast-moving consumer goods such as beverages, cosmetics, processed foods, toiletries, beverages, home applies, electronics, fashion, music, and books among others.

So far, at least 80% of shoppers have visited the site through mobile phones. FMCG products, fashion items, and mobile devices are some of the top selling categories. Chinese products have become popular with prime brands which include Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, and OnePlus. Using state-of-the-art technology, JD.com has created a global most advanced e-commerce platform that uses logistics expertise to deliver products and services to thousands of clients including the newest customer base, the Thai community. JD.com uses a Warehouse Management System that powers its warehouses. During day-to-day delivery, companies such as Thai Capital Bangkok are involved in the new e-commerce business. Jingdong has partnered with local delivery service providers to give nationwide coverage.

According to JD Central CEO, Vincent Yang, the firm officials are delighted on taking another journey of serving customers throughout the Southeast Asia region. Yang added that the partnership with Central Group is a strong union between Thailand’s strongest retailer and China’s biggest retailer. It will offer Thai customers with excellent e-commerce with a 100% guarantee of product authenticity. This move aims at transforming the local market and unlocking the boundless consumer potential of Thailand large population. The ultimate company goal is to make the most trusted Thailand brand. Jingdong is closely working with the leading products and services to assist in reaching the majority of Thai consumers. That will, in turn, lead to more growth hence attracting even more brands to join them. One of such companies is the Vipshop, online Chinese apparel that recently signed up with the new e-commerce platform.

Southridge Capital CEO Discusses Role of Bitcoin

Although Bitcoin has been around for a decade now, a lot of people are still puzzled by the idea of cryptocurrency. According to Southridge Capital, a company that helps corporations with structured financing, the mysterious nature of cryptocurrency is part of what has made the technology so popular. All of the buzz surrounding Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and the endless alt-coins that keep popping up has piqued the interest of investors who are afraid of missing out on the next big thing. Many potential investors are put off by the fact that the media does a terrible job of explaining what this technology is and how it works. However, cryptocurrency, which is based on block-chains, or shared virtual ledgers that are linked across the Internet, is actually fairly easy to wrap your mind around. Check out releasefact.com for more.



Experts at Southridge Capital suggest having a look at TxStreet.com. The site, founded by an anonymous Bitcoin enthusiast, depicts block-chains in real time as buses, with transactions as cartoon characters riding these metaphorical buses. These characters board and disembark at stations, which represents transactions being updated and moving from computer to computer. After viewing the site for a few minutes, you begin to get more intuitive sense of how block-chain operates. You can visit Bloomberg to see more.


Stephen Hicks, the CEO of Southridge Capital, believes that cryptocurrency is the most exciting investment trend at the moment. He founded Southridge after gaining experience at a small New York hedge fund, motivated by the potential he saw in the markets in the 1990s. He holds a degree in Business from King’s College as well as an MBA from Fordham University.


Focusing on small to middle-market companies, Southridge Capital provides structured finance services, having provided more than $1.7 billion in capital since the company commenced operations in 1996. For Hicks, Southridge’s success is a result of careful planning and maintaining the discipline to follow through with the plan.



Read more: https://www.newswire.com/southridge-partners-ii-formerly/188538


Vijay Eswaran discusses QI Group

Vijay Eswaran is a respected Malaysian business and the current chairman of QI Group. Through is leadership, the companies associated with QI Group have mushroomed around the world, with the headquarters being in Hong Kong. His parents worked in the Malaysian Ministry of Labor, and this allowed him to know about business at an early age. His parents travelled frequently, thereby giving him the opportunity to know different places. Eswaran has a degree in socio-economics and he attended London School of Economics.

After graduating, he was employed in construction companies. He worked in France and Belgium for some time before moving to the UK, where he learned about binary system marketing and how it is helpful to the society. This knowledge pushed him to enrol in school in the UK and obtained a qualification in CIMA. Vijay also has an MBA which he pursued to make him marketable in the competitive world. Eswaran was hired by companies dealing with information systems and he was the system engineer. He decided to return to his home country and was hired by Cosway Group and officially joined the group after being out of Malaysia for 13 years.

 Vijay Eswaran has a wealth of knowledge which makes companies want to work with him both in Malaysia and other countries. Eswaran is the co-founded marketing company which later grew to become QI Group, which has a stake in the media, training, banking, and travel. The company’s ability to venture into different businesses at once and remain at the top of its game is baffling. When he finds time out of his busy schedule, Eswaran likes giving motivational speeches to encourage upcoming businesspeople. He has been a guest speaker in many business and management forums and given useful insight about the business world.

Many view Eswaran as an icon in the industry because of his accomplishments and nourishing young businesspeople. Moreover, he has written books to explain his life management tricks which help him to succeed. For example, in the book “the Sphere of Silence,” Vijay explains that he starts his day with one hour of silence and why it is important. Another book is “18 Stepping Stones,” where he gives tricks of succeeding in business.