Roberto Santiago: Builder of Manaira

The city of Joao Pessoa, located on the eastern tip of Brazil, is frequented by tourists. The potential of a business to thrive in the city is high, and one of the locals, Roberto Santiago, managed to grab this opportunity and built the largest mall in the city which today attracts visitors from all over the world. Roberto Santiago is one of Brazil’s most successful businessmen. He was born in the city of Joao Pessoa, and he graduated from the University Center of Joao Pessoa where he received his business administration degree. He decided to start his own business after graduating from the university and bought an empty lot located at the heart of the city. The development of the property started in 1987, and two years later, from the same location, rose the city’s newest mall – Manaira, which opened in 1989 and was named as the largest mall in the city. The city of Joao Pessoa has many known tourist sites, including a 20 kilometer beachfront and America’s easternmost point. Because of the tourist influx, the city has undergone massive changes in the last decades, and its economy is steadily growing. Manaira’s construction provided the locals of Joao Pessoa another place to go to. Tourists from all over the world are also trying to drop by the mall just to see it, and there are a lot to do inside the store. A variety of facilities is available inside the mall, offering food, entertainment, shopping and healthy lifestyle. It includes a concert hall, a cinema complex, a gaming lounge, a large food court, a department store, a set of brand stores, banks, gyms, and even an educational institution.


One of the most visited facilities inside the mall is the Domus Hall, a concert hall located on Manaira’s rooftop. It opened in 2009, attracting a huge number of people. Almost 4,000 people can fit inside, and it is believed that almost 10,000 can be accommodated for standing events. The concert hall has hosted a number of concerts, conferences, exhibits and fairs since it was built, and it can also be a venue for personal events like weddings and birthdays. The hall has a built in sound proof walls, with fully functioning air-conditioning system. International artists who are visiting the city of Joao Pessoa always choose the Domus Hall as the venue for their performance. Roberto Santiago has built an structure that would symbolize the lifestyle of the city that is full of vibrance.


Manaira continues to undergo renovations, offering a lot of facilities for visitors. In 2012, a major expansion took place at the mall’s food court adding more food choices that represented world cuisine. In 2014, Espaço started to operate, and it specializes in gourmet and fine dining restaurants. The mall also opened Tok Stok to the public, which sells locally made products. Roberto Santiago’s dream of opening a business has contributed to the rise of his home city.



Jason Hope has big Hopes for Technology

Broadly speaking, the interconnection of tiny everyday objects connected and communicating via the internet, is known as the Internet of things (IoT). According to Mr. Jason Hope, these concepts are no longer the stuff of science fiction, but increasingly a part of reality. Before long, for example, there will come a day when a Milk bottle informs our refrigerator that it is nearly empty; and our refrigerator would then communicate that to us. It is estimated by Gartner, Inc. that by 2020, 25 billion devices will be IoT devices.

Bluetooth beacon technology will be at the helm of making it possible for such devices to communicate with each other, and with people. Put simply, a beacon is a transmitting device that gathers information and then relays that data to other devices. Already, these sorts of IoT beacon technologies are having a broad impact on the airline industry. For instance, Virgin Atlantic’s Boeing 787s are about as connected and equipped with IoT devices as one one can imagine. From its nose to the rudder, every part of this airplane is connected to a wireless network. Customer Service, Baggage Handling, and Fuel Efficiency are other areas of the airline industry that are being impacted.You can also visit his Facebook Profile :

Mr. Jason Hope happens to be a futurist, philanthropist, investor and entrepreneur base in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has a passion for technology and its impact on our lives. Mr. hope has carved his reputation as being a skilled futurist with a passion for clearly understanding technology. He uses that knowledge to observe the industry and make predictions about where society is headed.Based on current technological trends, Mr. Hope believes IoT will be with us for a long time and have an important societal role. His insights help modern businesses seize important trends. As early as 2015, Mr. Hope was pointing to significant strides being made in the IoT sector. Consumer Electronic Shows like CES 2016, started carrying such themes heavily. Learn More.



Mike Baur Helps To Make The Swiss Startup Factory An Important Digital Business Resource

There are many stories of entrepreneurs who started a small one person online business that turned into a million dollar business in a few years. The stories are amazing and demonstrate the power of the Internet. The idea that an entrepreneur can have an idea that can be started online with a digital company leaves many people in wonder. The digital age has changed the dynamics of the business world. In the business world today, one person can do what it would take 10 people to do in a prior generation because of technology.


One of the biggest reasons for the change in the business world to a digital transformation has been the evolution of the Internet. For many years, the Internet was used mainly to communicate by email and read information. Many of the things that people do today was not possible in prior years. The technology that was needed in the core operations of the Internet was not available. People wanted to do a lot of things but the hardware and software needed to accomplish those things was just not available.


However, technology innovations have occurred at a rapid pace over the past few decades. Some of these technology innovations involved things such as network hardware, network software, network wiring, network cabling, and other technology innovations. In combination, several of these technology innovations have been utilized with the Internet to make the Internet what it is today.


The opportunities that the Internet provides for business people today are numerous. One of the opportunities that many business people are choosing regarding the Internet is the ability to become a digital entrepreneur. The digital world has made running a business much different in many ways. While there are many entrepreneurs looking to start digital companies, many of these entrepreneurs are seeking assistance from experts and companies that can show them how to successfully create and run a digital company.


Mike Baur is one of the founders of the Swiss Startup Factory, which is a company that helps entrepreneurs start digital companies. The Swiss Startup Factory is a young company that is making great strides in Switzerland and the surrounding areas concerning helping business people to learn how to be successful running digital companies.


Mike Baur is a vital component in the success of the Swiss Startup Factory. He brings a great deal of expertise and experience to the Swiss Startup Factory from his many years in the business world.

How Helane Morrison has ensured Compliance in Corporations

Helane Morrison is a top attorney who has spent the better part of her career ensuring that organizations comply with laws that govern securities. This has been through her two-decade service to the Securities and Exchange Commission and her role as the head of compliance at the Hall Capital Partners. Morrison attended the Northwestern University and graduated with a degree in journalism. She then enrolled for her Juris Doctor at the University of California’s School of Law and graduated in 1984. When Helane was in law school, she was made editor-in-chief by the California Law Review. The State Bar of California of California accepted her as a member in 1987.


Morrison started her practice as an attorney by working in the private sector. In 1986, she was hired by the Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkina, which is a leading law firm that is located in San Francisco. Helane served as a lawyer at the company and became an associate in 1991. Her responsibilities included offering legal services in corporate investigations, business lawsuits, SEC related cases, and many securities issues. She was also hired to advise stock traders and intermediaries during arbitration’s.


In 1996, Helane kicked off her career at the SEC. She is a hard working individual, and therefore, she was able to hold various senior offices. The attorney was once appointed as the director of enforcement activities at the San Francisco District. She sued various corrupt official in top corporations such as Google, Dean Witter, NextCard, Inc., HBO, New York’s Republic Securities, and Hewlett-Packard.


The SEC later promoted her to head the San Francisco District. Morrison was in office up to 2007 when she retired and joined the Hall Capital Partners. The jurisdiction of her office covered all the Northwestern States, which are North California, Alaska, Washington, North Nevada, Oregon, and Montana. She headed all the SEC activities that were conducted in these areas and reported to the Los Angeles-based Pacific Regional Office headquarters.


Very few female attorneys can match Helane Morrison’s accomplishments at the SEC. The chief of district office has been held by very few women, and they are Mary Keefe, Carmen Lawrence, and Valerie Capron. Helane did an excellent job when she was heading the San Francisco District. She ensured that the organization’s website offered adequate information to the public on securities. Morrison also acted a representative of the institution in many official engagements such as legal matters, business transactions, financial groups, and in government organizations.


The Rise of Vijay Eswaran with the Ql Group of Companies

Vijay Eswaran is one of the best role models to watch when it comes to entrepreneurship. He has exceptionally made his way in what would otherwise be referred to as a world of limited resources to becoming one of the leading men in Malaysia when it comes to wealth. He is known to take advantage of any available opportunity on YouTube he encounters on his way.

Mr. Eswaran’s extraordinary journey from a civil servants’ son to his current wealth status started in the UK when he was a student. While pursuing his economics studies at the London School of Economics, Vijay used to do some of the oddest jobs such as; construction, and grape picking of which played a significant role in transforming his role. Vijay was able to master the art network marketing effectively. He got involved in several marketing companies’ comprising of the CIBA from where he acquired professional qualifications on While pursuing his Master’s in Business Administration at the University of Illinois, Vijay got a part-time job with the American MLM company Synaptics. On seeing his determination and smartness, the COSWAY Group gave Mr. Eswaran an opportunity to found their branch in the Philippines upon his graduation in 1944.

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With time the small MLM Company under the leadership of Mr. Eswaran grew to become the Ql Group. The company gained millions of representatives who worked independently all over the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. The company’s progressive success promoted Vijay’s figure out of his exclusive abilities worldwide and more specifically in the Southeast Asia. On the 21st day of November 2016, Vijay was awarded for his great achievement in the world of business.

Vijay Eswaran is currently working as the QI Group’s Executive Chairman. The Company established in 1998 strives to merge direct sales power of people to the Internet’s global reach.

Away from business, Vijay is also on one of the most active philanthropists. He has founded organizations of charity including the Vijayarantnam Foundation and the RHYTHM Foundation from where he offers support on finances and other materials to the needy.

Raj Fernando is a Powerful Business Leader

The American business community is booming, and people are looking towards brilliant financial minds to help capitalize on these gains. There are many brilliant business leaders that are helping build wealth for everyone, and one of the brightest minds is Raj Fernando.

Raj Fernando has always felt attracted to the excitement of the market. When Raj was just a young college student, he worked as a volunteer on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He knew the moment he stepped on the floor that he was meant to work here. When Raj graduated, he started working as a trader on the floor.

Throughout the nineties, Raj worked at both the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade. He held several positions within both organizations and he developed a reputation as a skilled trader. After a decade of success, Raj was ready to start his own trading company, Chopper Trading.

Raj founded Chopper Trading in 2002 with the intent of making the company into a powerhouse in the trading community. Under Raj’s leadership, the company grew rapidly. Eventually, there were 250 traders working for Chopper, and the company was trading on the Nasdaq, LSE, ICE, CME, and the Eurex. Raj loved building Chopper into a powerhouse, and he worked closely with his employees.

In 2010, Raj had the opportunity to be a featured panelist at CFTC event. He is proud of his contributions, and he hopes to see their mission grow for years to come.

Recently, Raj left Chopper Trading to start his own start-up, Scoutahead. Scoutahead allows for corporate and personal growth by installing quality communication systems. He believes this company will continue to grow for years to come, and he hopes to stay with Scoutahead for a long time.

Raj Fernando is a highly influential business leader who has had a major impact on the world. He should continue to be influential person for years to come as he leads Scoutahead.

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