Guilherme Paulus Signs Letter Supporting Brazils Visa Waiver Program

A letter signed by 31 tourism businesses in support of the visa waiver proposed by the Brazilian government for Americans was released on Monday the 21st. Included among the agencies that signed the letter in favor of the waiver program are Unidestinos, Abrajet, Abracamping, and Guilherme Paulus to name a few. It is not surprising that businesses involved in the tourism sector would support the waiver program as it would result in more profit for them and entrepreneurs like Guilherme Paulus have dedicated themselves to bringing more tourism to Brazil.  See more of Guilherme Paulus on facebook.

Despite the surprising growing trend in world tourism in recent years, in 2018 only 0.5% of the world’s 1.3 billion travelers chose Brazil as their destination. In the last year, the tourism industry balance deficit was U.S $12 billion – Brazilians spent U.S $18 billion abroad while foreigners spent only U.S $6 billion in Brazil. Because of this, the inclusion of visa-exemptions for strategic countries, such as the United States, by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Tourism are among the high priority government measures that were received with great enthusiasm by the tourism industry. Concurrent markets know that the United States is one of the largest issuers in the world and therefore adopts a differentiated visa policy.

For years Brazil has been living with a government that did not seem to understand that every dollar spent in Brazil generates employment, income distribution and social justice. Only the implementation of the electronic visa, in the last year, generated a 40% jump in the visa applications for Brazil.

Guilherme Paulus, an influential man in the tourism industry, has long proposed bringing more tourism to Brazil. Paulus believes that more tourism equals more jobs in the industry and that will benefit the people of Brazil. Guilherme Paulus has dedicated himself to business ventures in the tourism industry. One of Guilherme Paulus’ venture in the tourism industry is the establishment of GJP Hotels and Resorts. If more tourists visit Brazil that would result in his hotels employing more Brazilians. The hotel employees earn a good ward and would spend their money at other Brazilian businesses.

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Oren Frank, CEO of Talkspace, Takes the Company to Another Mile

Talkspace is an online and mobile therapy firm located in New York, established in 2012 by Oren and a software developer Roni Frank. The company started as a therapy group platform, but it has expanded its services currently offering online psychotherapy services from its licensed therapist. In 2014, Talkspace launched unlimited messaging therapy, improving client’s communication with the licensed therapist. The platform also enables clients and therapist to send audio and video messages. Talkspace company has hired, a provider of HIPAA compliant video services to host their Live Video programs. Watch on Youtube.

Improving and delivering standard services in time which fits clients’ needs remains Talkspace top priority. To ensure the company achieved this, they hired a chief medical officer, Neil Leibowitz, a former senior medical director at UnitedHealth. Neil Leibowitz main role according to the company`s CEO is to prescribe medications through the app to the users. The company admitted that it has approximately one million users who are paying for online therapy services. According to Oren Frank, Talkspace generates over ten million dollars’ revenue to the government, quoted as he was telling CNBC.

Leibowitz admits that working at Talkspace at first appeared unimaginable as the company represented a different and new thing to the society but after learning their team and understanding their products he felts the need to be part of this charge and assist in delivering the company`s vision. He was also motivated by the efforts Talkspace was putting in place ensuring that therapy services were affordable to everyone who had internet connection as many rural areas have poor access to mental health workers.

In social media such as in Twitter, Oren Frank is an active participant. He mostly utilizes Twitter as a medium of enlightening people. His latest twits include the one advising media how to identify and respond to Trump’s lies. View:


Robert Ivy Elaborates How Professional Organizations Could Help Turn Your Business Around

Robert Ivy is a great figure in the Architectural industry. As a leader in the Architectural industry, He has learned to take up ventures that benefit him and his employees. One of the instruments that he appreciates using is professional organizations. Over the last couple of years, he has seen professional organizations help make significant changes in different organizations.

He is the current CEO and vice president of American Institutes of Architects (AIA). He has served in various positions over the years and has risen the ranks. All credit goes to his hard work and help from the different professional organization. He had seen outstanding works by different association including one that helped change tax legislation in the country.

Besides affecting the legislative process and other government decisions, professional organizations serve as networking platforms. It is custom for organizations to meet once a year to discuss matters affecting their member and what new plans the organization has to offer. Through attaining the conferences, businesses get an opportunity to learn from best players in the industry. They also get an opportunity to show off their works in the workshops and other activities.

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Also, workers enjoy occasional job fairs that are held to grow moral and help workers in their respective companies. Some employees use the opportunity to look for better opportunities. Through job fairs, workers get to understand how best they can utilize their skills in the market. He advocated that workers become part of an organization that will help them build up their careers and fight for their rights.

Robert Ivy had been able to collect credentials from different associations he is involved. By being part of a professional society, one can keep up with current trends and updates in the market. They can also attack more clients by being part of the community. Some associations give specific requirements to be met by members before joining the society. By going through strict tests, companies can prove their skills, products, and services. For the architect Robert Ivy, AIA has a strict code of ethics that members have to follow to avoid termination of their membership. This code helps people from all rays of life to appreciate their work.

Robert Ivy is among the best in the architecture industry. He recently won the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. Robert Ivy loves his work. He always looks for ways to make his career much easier like professional organizations.


The Impact of Leadership on an Organization Inspired by Sheldon Lavin

The OSI Industries is tremendously growing. The small domestic firm founded by Otto in 1907 has grown into a multinational firm. The OSI industries now have more than 65 locations from all over the world. The firm has managed to grow as a result of the right choice of leadership.

Leadership is everything in every institution. The senior leaders are like the drivers. They help in navigating and deciding where the firm heads. Sometimes the driver has to use their knowledge during emergencies to prevent the car from crashing. The same applies to the senior leaders; it is not everything they need has a listed solution. Sometimes they have to go past the rules and predictions to save the firm. Visit to learn more.

Sheldon Lavin is among the people who have positively impacted the OSI Industries. He joined the firm when the Otto & Sons approached him as a financial consultant to fund the expansion of their firm. He has been propelling the firm since then. He says that when the Otto & Sons approached him, he was afraid because he had not been in business for a long time. However, it was a risk worth taking. Fortunately, he has nothing to regret.

Sheldon Lavin is now the majority shareholder of the firm and the CEO as well. He is passionate about his work. He has many qualities that have led to his success in the food industry. For instance, the firm has a culture that helps in retaining the employees avoiding the recruitment process which is both costly and requires a lot of time. Lavin has also established a culture that allows the consumers to feel like part of the organization. Their feedback in the firm is valid.

Sheldon Lavin encourages the young entrepreneurs to invest in a large scale. He explains that buying in large quantities helps in enjoying the benefits of scale. The first thing Sheldon Lavin did when he joined the industry is making all his companies multinational companies. Following this, he became profitable within a year. This is a huge thing in the business world since there companies that wait for years before they earn any profits.



How Steve Hicks Started Southridge Capital

CEO Stephen Hicks founded Southridge Capital in 1996. Well-educated, Hicks has a bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from King’s College that is located in Briarcliff Manor, New York. Mr. Hicks earned his MBA degree at Fordham University in N.Y.


Prior to Southridge Capital, Hicks was employed at a small hedge fund company in New York, N.Y. As luck would have it, the owner of the hedge fund planned to move to Australia. It would take a year to wind the New York company down. Hicks found that it was the perfect time to start making plans to start his investment company. While Hicks spent his final years at the hedge fund company, he could spend his spare time developing Southhridge. Southridge Capital was launched before the hedge fund company was ready to close up business. Steve Hicks knew he made the right decision. Hicks spent the past 30 years putting his customers first. Hicks is always looking for new investment opportunities to present to his customers. Wall Street has been trading Southridge Capital stocks for more than 20 years. Check out



According to PR Newswire, Steve Hicks shared his investment business idea with his hedge fund business boss who let Hicks run his new business while still working for the hedge fund because of the circumstance. Today, Hicks begins his day reviewing his portfolio and going over a to-do list for himself. Hicks spends the rest of the day looking for new investment strategies and checking to see how the other investment projects are coming along. Southside has been going strong for 20 years and things are going well. Many of the people who come to Steve Hicks are those who want to finance their own companies. If he had to do it all over again, Steven Hicks he would focus more on cash than the returns. He would tell his younger self never to throw good money after bad. Hicks invested in a company called Petals, not realizing the company was failing. Hicks is excited about cryptocurrency and highly recommends that people start their own internet podcast for cryptocurrency patterned after CNBC.


Felipe Montoro Jens Reports On The State Of PPPs In Latin American Countries

Felipe Montoro Jens was one of the infrastructure projects experts in attendance at the Special Meeting of the Governors. This meeting, held on March 24, was assembled by the Inter-American Development Bank which has been heavily investing in infrastructure projects in Latin America for the past several years. They have loaned Brazil, for instance, around $12.9 billion which has been used to build public projects such as roads, schools, and sanitation. These are done through Private-Public Partnership (PPP) where the government hires a private firm to do the work and maintain the finished project. Visit on his twitter for more updates.

Dyogo Oliveira, Brazil’s Minister of Planning, Development and Management, is a very vocal supporter of PPPs. He said during this meeting that they are critical to getting projects completed. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, Dyogo Oliveira stated that it is very important that financial guarantees are put in place so that private companies will invest in infrastructure projects.

One of the biggest reasons that the nations making up Latin America are ramping up PPPs and infrastructure projects is that the next industrial revolution is upon us, said Felipe Montoro Jens. Latin American nations wishing to take part in this revolution need the infrastructure in place to support it. They need to build roadsin order to move people and goods efficiently, particularly across national borders. They also need sanitation projects completed in order to provide water.

Felipe Montoro Jens says that there have been around 1,000 PPP infrastructure projects completed over the past ten years. These projects are valued at around $360 billion. There are additional infrastructure projects which have been approved, he says, but they haven’t been able to attract the private capital they need to get started. Attracting this private capital is critical if Latin America will take part in the Industry 4.0 revolution.

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Whitney Wolfe Pushes A New Platform To Single People

Whitney Wolfe has managed to become quite a success when it comes to dating apps. She has proven that she has everything that it takes to create the type of dating app environment that people, particularly her female counterparts, are fond of. It may seem like a bit of a stretch for her to break away from what is considered the norm, but Whitney Wolfe has already created a successful app with a business partner at Tinder. Once things went awry she knew that she needed to go out on her own and establish a whole new way for people to interact.

Whitney Wolfe did not reinvent the wheel, but you certainly made some great improvements to the initial dating app platform of swiping left and swiping right. She marketed Bumble as the feminist dating app. This swipe feature is still in place, but adding the ability for women to make the first move in 24 hours with a man once the woman has initiated conversation made people curious.


The talk has continued, and Whitney Wolfe has become celebrated as a female that has changed the dating app game. She calls her app and her company a feminist app, and this is even more of a game changer. The fact that she endured sexual harassment at work before she started her own company puts her in an even bigger spotlight. So many things have fallen into place for Whitney Wolfe. She got married in 2017, and she has continued to be on road with her company and all that it represents.

Whitney has never shied away from the public eye. She has even engaged in taking a stand on gun control and donating towards these causes. Wolfe also has donations that are made from time to time just from people that are utilizing the app to find a match.

All of the different elements that Wolfe has brought to this app have made her someone that is considered a game changer. She is definitely one to watch, and people are just getting the initial glimpse of what Whitney Wolfe has on her mind. Designing a company where she has been able to expand her role in business has allowed her to engage in many different business platforms. She is talking about more than dating these days. Her interviews are spanning from Vanity Fair with fashion to business in Forbes Magazine.

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Duda Mezler, the Successful Brazilian Entrepreneur

Duda Mezler is a great Brazilian entrepreneur who has invested in a range of business that is doing so well in the market. At just 44 years old, Mezler has created multi-million empires in the Brazillian market. He has invested in other countries including the United States of America. Mezler grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. This greatly motivated him to join the business world. His strong foundation on the family business is the key contributor to his successful venture in his career.

Duda Mezler Insvestments is the owner of digital platforms. Mezler is the chairman of the group. He is a great technocrat and has taken advantage of the modern technology to create one of the largest digital platforms in both Brazil and the United States of America. He is the founder of the eBricks Digital. The company provides financial solutions to many upcoming companies. eBricks also offers financial services to many industries and business which are in their initial stages and need to expand their ventures. The firm currently operates in three main sectors namely the e-commerce, mobile and digital media and technology fields. Check out odiario to know more.

Duda Mezler holds several key positions in the business sector which have made him one of the key people in the business world. He is the chairman of the RBS Group which is one of the largest family-owned business in Brazil. He is also the chairman of the Board of Directors of the company. Duda Mezler has also worked with other key operations prior to joining the RBS Group. He worked with the Delphi Corporation as a Senior Financial Analyst in 2002. He also worked with the traditional media group known as the Box Top media as the Director-General. Mezler is a masters graduate from Harvard University in Business Administration. He also holds a degree in Business Administration from the Pontifical Catholic University. You can visit their website

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One Planet Awards and What Troy McQuagge Won

One Planet is an organization made up of business experts from around the world that distributes awards for outstanding service and accomplishments in commercial and organizational activity at the international level. Earlier this year, Troy McQuagge, the current Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group Advisors, was crowned the Gold Winner of CEO of the Year by One Planet Awards.

USHEALTH Group Advisors, along with every other organization across the globe, was able to submit a nomination for the award of CEO of the Year, in addition to all other accomplishments recognized by One Planet Awards. The health insurance provider was one of hundreds of such bodies that submitted a bid for Troy McQuagge’s recognization.

Although One Planet Awards looks into all industries, the board of top-notch committee members considers public relations, marketing, corporate communications, and producers of innovative products and services as front-runners for receiving the awards.

Those interested in the annual One Planet Awards can find more at, and even submit their own votes. One Planet Awards recognized Mr. Troy McQuagge as having worked for USHEALTH Group Advisors since 2010, first building its division of captive distribution over his first four years with the firm. In 2014, he was named to the prestigious dual role of President and CEO of USHEALTH Group Advisors, bringing home an unmatched level of corporate growth and success for the firm in its industry, the ever-competitive individual health insurance field.

While Troy McQuagge is known considerably well by his peers in the insurance industry and throughout Texas, not everyone is aware of his background of rising from the bottom and making a slow-yet-steady ascent to the top. Follow Troy McQuagge on Twitter.

Mr. McQuagge first went to UCF, the University of Central Florida, and earned a bachelor’s of arts in 1983. He immediately went to work with Allstate Insurance Company within weeks of graduating, remaining with the company for the better half of two decades. McQuagge landed a position with the Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies in 1995, earning the title of President of its insurance subsidiary in 1997. That insurance division, typically shortened to UGA, was fortunate enough to have sales records broken several times.

He stayed with the insurance group through 2010, serving as its President for the final three years he spent with the then-named HealthMarkets. Troy McQuagge was the sole employee to credit for earning over one billion dollars’ worth of insurance sales throughout 2007, setting similar sales numbers through 2010. He moved on to USHEALTH Group Advisors in 2010, then named Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer in 2013. Less than twelve months later, he found a spot as President and CEO, a demanding role he remains in to this date. Read:

Luiz Carlos Trabuco And Bradesco: Complementing Each Other To The Top Of The Brazilian Banking Industry

While it is arguably one of the greatest cliché used today, the phrase “good things come to those who wait,” is often true in a lot of situations. It certainly applies to current Bradesco president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco. After working at the Brazilian bank for more than close to four decades, he was finally selected for the top seat in 2009. He has come close to taking the seat a decade prior, only for the board to choose the more experienced, Marcio Cypriano. Despite being offered numerous opportunities away from the bank, including an offer to become Brazil’s Finance Minister, Luiz Carlos Trabuco stayed loyal to Bradesco. Since taking over, his performance has exemplified why he waited his turn and why Bradesco did not risk waiting too long – the two are a perfect fit for each other.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been a great servant to the Bradesco brand. He joined the bank at the age of 18 and has not left since – he is currently aged 65. For his first two years at Bradesco, he served as a clerk at the bank’s Marilia branch. Still young, he then had the exciting but scary honor of being promoted to work at the bank’s head offices in Sao Paulo. From then on, he just blew up. He went on to serve as a department manager, executive vice president of Bradesco Seguros, and president of Bradesco Seguros before being named the bank’s president in 2009, aged 57. Today, even as president, he remains as committed to the bank as on the first day he walked in as an employee. In fact, he still pulls half-day shifts at the office every single day.


However, the relationship between Bradesco and Luiz Carlos Trabuco has not just been one sided – the bank has also of great service to him. Bradesco gave him a start in the banking industry despite not having an academic background in banking-related field or any work experience. Additionally, during his journey rising up the ranks at the bank, he was assigned differing roles corresponding to the various facets of banking. Consequently, he matured into an all-round banker. Additionally, he also had the privilege of learning from some of the best bank executives the country has seen. That is, his three legendary predecessors: Amador Aguiar, Lazaro Brandao and Cypriano. The said, the greatest services Bradesco has granted him is trusting him. The bank trusted him with numerous positions of responsibility that many thought to be ahead of his years. The greatest, perhaps, being named the head of the bank’s biggest subsidiary, Bradesco Seguros in 2003.

Given how perfectly they fit, it is not unsurprising that Luiz Carlos Trabuco has had his mandate at Bradesco extended by two more years. With the mandatory retirement age for Bradesco’s employees previously set at 65, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was meant to retire in 2016. However, the bank’s shareholders deemed him too important to let go just yet and consequently voted in a proposal to extend the retirement age to 67. Even when he does retire, Luiz Carlos Trabuco will still retain his executive vice chair position on Bradesco’s board and will likely takeover when the older Brandao vacates the seat of chairman.

Both Bradesco and Luiz Carlos Trabuco have their roots in Marilia. The bank was founded there in 1943 while Luiz Carlos Trabuco was born there in 1951. Unsurprisingly, both Bradesco and Luiz Carlos Trabuco have over the years remained strongly involved in the small city they call home. In fact, Trabuco’s appreciation for his roots was in 2009 recognized by being granted the title of meritorious citizen of Marilia – his hometown.