William Saito One of the Most Respected Personalities in the World of Cyber Security

The entrepreneurs are facing much more significant challenges today than a couple of decades back, and it is not only from the competition but also from the economic uncertainty. The entrepreneurs and start-ups are finding it challenging to survive amidst fierce competition in just about any niche, but William Saito, one of the most renowned businessmen, economic analyst and cybersecurity expert from Japan believes that it is during the economic slowdown when the true entrepreneurial spirit is most visible. The economic instability is when the start-ups get the perfect environment for thriving. It helps in filtering the challenges thrown by the competition and only the real enterprise with the scope of growth, and positive future can survive in the harsh competitive environment.


William Saito is one of the most influential people in Japan as named by Nikkei and has also won the best entrepreneur award in 1998 from NASDAQ, USA Today, and Ernst and Young. Currently, William Saito is employed as the financial advisor to the government of Japan and the Prime Minister of Japan. Before William Saito started working for the government of Japan, he served as the Vice Chairman of the Palo Alto Networks Japan. The entrepreneurial journey of William Saito took off at a very young age when he was in elementary school as it is when he started his first company. Later on, William Saito went on to start and run many companies in the field of information technology and cybersecurity successfully and today is not only a successful entrepreneur but also an investor and financial analyst. William Saito advises not only the Japanese Government on economic matters but also many other governments across the globe on the issues of economics and cybersecurity.


William Saito has also worked with Japan Airlines as the digital innovations officer and on several other posts. In a recent interview, William Saito said that the entrepreneurs in the East have to be more open to challenges and the failures that come with it. Failure is a part and parcel of success is believed firmly in the West, and it is what has helped many entrepreneurs never to give up, no matter how many challenges or failures they face. However, in the east, people are more vulnerable to collapse, and once they taste the bitter failure, they want to go back to their comfort zone. William Saito said that people in the east need to get over this mindset to succeed as the entrepreneurs in the west.