NGP VAN Host Progressive Organizers To Discuss Field 2.0

A few months ago, NGP VAN played host to numerous progressive organizers to discuss how they’re working to boost campaigns and helping them to run intricate, multi-layered efforts to get out the vote. So you’re probably wondering what Field 2.0 is. It’s a modern, multi-channel organizing campaign that makes it easier for people to spread their message across their local areas. The main purpose of the event was to kick off a summer of resistance by employing digital advocacy, organizing and fundraising for the progressive movement. Hundreds of people came out for the event to discuss new ways to spread the voice of equality throughout the country. They also discussed how they can make new training programs to teach other people about the progressive movement and the impact it has had on many people.

The event also featured an open bar so there were plenty of snacks, drinks, games and company swag for all those in attendance. They also received the latest information about developing the newest technology for various campaigns and progressive groups. Ever since election day, NGP VAN has featured plenty of products and resources to help keep the resistance going strong. They have been offering different tech products for everything from down-ballot campaigns to upgrading organizing tools.

The first 50 people who arrived at the event were lucky enough to receive a complimentary I heart van t-shirt and there were many Hillary Clinton supporters and progressive millennials who came out to show their support for NGP VAN and the amazing work they’re doing. The event was held in the shadow of Trump Tower as a reminder that we must continue to resist the dangerous and corrupt administration currently residing in the White House. There were many staffers showing the guests different ways they can organize their campaigns and make a difference in the political world. With a turnout that proved to be larger than expected, the event was no doubt a success for NGP VAN and their loyal supporters. So we thank them for hosting this amazing event and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.