Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education Students Start The New Year With A Clean Slate

The new year is usually equivalent to a fresh start. The slate is wiped clean and ready for everything the new year is going to bring. This is the same for the students enrolled in Rocketship schools. Students start to use the strategies and skills that they have been taught in the fall months. The new year also gives students who have been struggling a chance to work on their grades.

The new year helps students to become motivated to concentrate on their studies. This motivation, in turn, helps to improve student attendance. In turn, all of this helps to develop healthy habits, such as time management, that the students will use for the rest of their lives. All of this is possible because the educators at Rocketship Education work hard to provide all students with an environment that is stable and inducive to academic success.

Starting the new year with a clean slate at home also benefits the student. Learning how to eat a healthy diet, making it to bed at a decent time, having a place just for working on homework are examples of how the Rocketship influence helps the student at home. These students who have things simple things become a normal part of their lives, do better in school.

Children who are more engaged in what they are learning are more motivated to learn, do their assignments, and come to school. This engagement is done in part to the way the teachers teach at Rocketship. They are always searching and learning about the best learning strategies to use in their classroom.

This method of teaching as put Rocketship schools at the top of California school districts serving lower-income students. The schools often outperform the wealthier California school districts as well as other schools throughout the United States.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit public school that was founded in 2006. Their goal is to eliminate the educational gap that exists in low-income communities. The instructional method of creating personalized learning has been very successful.