Serge Belamant : A Talk With Banking Tech Genius

As one of the leaders in banking tech innovation, Serge Belamant is no doubt one of the most interesting figures to watch. Serge Belamant first saw success in the banking tech industry when he founded Net1 UEPS Technologies, Inc in South Africa in 1989. The technology was a breakthrough in money transferring as it introduced the convenience of electronic payment. Later on, in conjunction with VISA, Net1 was able to create COPAC, the chip system that we all use to this day. Net1 one later goes on to provide services for the South African people in the form of being able to transfer welfare grants, a system that countries such as Russia and Iraq still use. In a recent sit-down interview with Mr.Belamant, we go to go in-debt about his businesses and what has made him such a success today.

What is your daily routine like?

As its widely known, Serge Belamant is today semi-retired. He specifically says semi because his days have not changed that much, especially his daily habits such as writing down everything that must be done the next day with great detail. That includes offering his wisdom and skills to the business every now and then.

How do you make your ideas real?

First, you have to strip it down to its simplest components, says Serge Belamant. Breaking it down to its simplest form allows one to see every aspect of it if by then the idea still makes sense then you know its the right decision.

What is one habit that has made you such a success?

Although this might frustrate some of his friends and family, Serge Belamant says that his habit of looking for the root of a problem and then using that information to correct the mistake is was has ultimately allowed him to make a series of great decisions.

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Cassio Audi is a well celebrated Brazilian entrepreneur. Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, he started his early life career in music. Cassio was a drummer and an instrumentalist in the 1980s while with the Viper band. Viper band was founded in 1985 and played music genres such as thrash metal, power metal, and alternative rock. The band was majorly composed of teenagers of 13 and 13 years of age who loved rock music. The band was comprised of Cassio Audi, Pit Passarel, Andre Machado, Felipe Machado and Yves Passarell. Cassio got his influence in music from the then upcoming British heavy metal and the Iron Maid.

Viper band recorded their first demo album in 1985. Cassio Audi became popular after the release of the album which was famously known as The Killer Sword where he was the man behind the drums. His expertise in drums spread to diverse regions across the world. Some of the tracks found on the album include the Nightmare, the Killera, and the Princess from Hell. Later in 1987, the Viper band released its official album, Soldiers of Sunrise. It was composed of songs such as Metal Forces, Kerrang and Metal Hammer. The successful debut of the Soldiers of Sunrise opened gates for the young talented band, and they were invited to perform at the opening of Motorhead show in Brazil. The band gained an overwhelming popularity in the music industry of Brazil. Click here to know more.

The Viper band was among the first metal groups in Brazil, and they opened gates for other talented artists in the region. However, Cassio Audi left the talented band in 1989. He enrolled in Sao Paulo University where he pursued a degree in Business Administration. Nevertheless, Cassio believes that music and business go hand in hand. He has successfully used his experience in the music industry and incorporated it with his business career.

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