The Brexit Exit Plan Is Still A Mystery But The Brexit Gold Coin Is Making Headlines

The European Union has no idea what the United Kingdom plans to do when it comes to breaking ties with the European Union. The economic minister of Germany recently told the BBC that reality is still a mystery in London. The European Union needs a realistic plan to proceed, but as far as the United Kingdom is concerned, there is still a lot of mud in the political water. The Brits are dealing with several internal issues like rising inflation and unemployment, plus the pound is at its lowest value point in recent history. Prime Minister Theresa May is still working out a negotiating position with the European Union and that won’t be ready until March 2017. But there is good news surfacing in the United Kingdom. The new Brexit gold coin is a clear-cut winner.

The Brexit coin program has created a renewed interest in coin collecting and coin investing in Britain. The coin program was initiated by the European company, Coin Invest Trust. The Coin Invest Trust company not only issued a £5 and a £20 gold coin, but they also issued a £1, £5, and £20 silver coin. The gold coins are .999 fine gold and the silver coin is .999 fine silver. The Brexit coins are works of art, and collectors, as well as investors, have gobbled the coins up at a frenzied pace, according to the U.S. Money Reserve President Philip Diehl. Mr. Diehl is an expert in the rare and investment coin business. Diehl told his clients that the Brexit coins have the outlined of the United Kingdom on the face colored by the Union Jack Flag, and the reverse side of the coins has the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II imprinted in a bold and flattering way.

Phil Diehl is the former director of the U.S. Mint, so he has connection around the globe as well. When Diehl heard about the Brexit coin program in June, he immediately decided to buy the coins for his clients. According to Diehl, buying Brexit gold coins is an excellent investment. He is recommending them for retirement account because of what is happening in the gold market. The silver Brexit coins are also a good investment, but the silver Brexit dollar sold out by August 5th, so the price of that coin has already increased.

Collecting coins can be tricky, but Diehl believes the silver and gold Brexit coins are highly collectible and investors should buy them now.