Drew Madden says U.S. healthcare system can do better

Drew Madden ranks among the most widely respected people in the healthcare IT space today. He is one of the most accomplished figures within the field, having led a number of high-profile firms to great success. Now, Madden is branching off on his own. He is now in the second year of running his own startup IT firm, Evergreen Healthcare Partners. And Madden and his team are hoping to fundamentally change the way that healthcare is delivered in the United States.

Money that’s too big to fail

Unfortunately, as Madden is quick to point out, the trajectory on which the U.S. healthcare system currently finds itself is hardly reassuring. Madden says that the United States currently spends more per-capita on healthcare than any other OECD country, beating its nearest competitor by nearly a factor of two. At the same time, Madden says that the U.S. is delivering worse-than-average healthcare results while forcing its citizens to pay more than two and a half times the OECD average for healthcare costs.

This, says Madden, should be a situation that no American accepts. He and Evergreen Healthcare Partners are seeking to redress these society-wide injustices through the adoption of more patient-centric initiatives as well as the introduction into a badly cartelized system of more free-market forces.

Madden says that one of the most surefire ways to ensure better patient outcomes and dramatically reduce costs is to empower patients themselves to make better, more-informed choices. Madden says that the prevailing order has deliberately limited the ability of healthcare consumers to discover information relating to prices and the quality of care that they will be receiving. He says that this is one area where simply creating solid patient apps would go a long way towards ensuring fairer pricing and better patient outcomes.

One of the ways in which Madden and his firm are making this happen is through the creation of patient-facing apps that allow them to compare prices, explore insurance policies and compare the ratings of healthcare provided. Madden hopes that this type of app will soon become as common as restaurant review sites, making the price discovery process far more transparent and accurate.

Find out more about Drew Madden: https://drew-madden.com/