The Story of Venezuelan Singer, Norka Luque  

Childhood Of Norka Luque, A Star In The Making

Norka Luque is a Venezuelan pop, dance and Latin genre singer and musical performer. She was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. Residing in the nation’s capital and in a cosmopolitan surrounding, Norka Luque grew up with the arts all around her. As a child, her parents exposed her to a variety of music, singing and dance. She studied playing the piano and even had her own voice coach. Norka Luque also studied ballet and flamenco. Spanish flamenco is a unique form of dance that incorporates Arabic dress and dance with traditional Spanish Basque costumers, designs and dance moves. 154737 dt 16 10 16

Norka’s early exposure to music and the performing arts helped her win many contests as a young singer and performer. She amazed audiences at fairs and won several junior competitions. Stars who she would later perform alongside would watch the youngster and marvel at her talent.

Going Abroad To France And Being In A Band For The First Time

Finishing up school in Caracas, Venezuala, Norka Luque decided to head to France where she would study business administration. Her heart, has always been on the performing arts and music. She decided to study fashion and the culinary arts as well while being in France. At the same time, she joined a band and performed as a vocal singer. She did not breakthrough as a singer and dismayed but not down she decided to try her luck elsewhere. Norka would complete her studies in business in France but was determined to strike out and make a name for herself in music.

Miami Brings Norka Luque Opportunity

Norka Luque went next to Miami, Florida. It was known as a hub for many artists, musicians and had a large Spanish speaking community.

As luck would have it, Norka Luque would perform an audition for a world famous Latin music director. He was so impressed with Norka Luque he decided to go ahead and work with her. His first solo hit single was soon released that was called “As You Do It.” This was followed by “Millagro” or “Miracle” in English. Her latest song “Tomorrowland” has also proven to be a hit. It is a dance song.

The story of Norka Luque shows that if you are passionate about something you should keep trying at it. With hard work, determination a little luck you can break through and achieve great things.