How to plan your party so it is fun and not stressful

Are you organizing a party and want to emulate the best corporate event planners in NYC? If so, follow these tips and you can.

Be organized — Before doing anything at all, get yourself organized with an event planning list. Include everything you have to do on it, and check things off that you finish. The sense of accomplishment will keep you moving on to the next thing.

Theme parties are fabulous — Whether it is a Game of Thrones party or a seafood party designed around the Great Barrier Reef, themes are fun. They also make it easier to pull the design of a party together.

Mail elegant invitations — Always send out invitations well in advance of the night. Guests love to get a printed invitation and, if you do not have the money for professionally printed embossed invitations, you can always create your own.

Specialty drinks and a self-serve bar — Always have drinks on hand for your guests, whether that is a tray of specialty cocktails when they arrive or a self-serve bar where they can mix their own concoctions.

Make appetizers with ready-made ingredients — Do not create appetizers that require many fancy ingredients and a lot of preparation time. Instead, make them simple from a couple of already-made ingredients you can combine.

Keep place settings elegant — Choose simple, elegant place settings and add a touch of pizzazz with extravagant floral arrangements.

Themed children’s tables and activities — Be sure the children are entertained with their own tables designed around a theme, and activities that will keep them amused.

Time to get ready — Do not still be preparing things 10 minutes before your guests arrive. Plan to have everything finished at least two hours before, as that will give you time for a hot bath and to make yourself beautiful.

End of the evening favors — Find something elegant but inexpensive as party favors, and make sure all your guests get one. Small glass containers with a vanilla candle, or for a less formal affair, a packet of seeds attached to a small trowel are perfect.

Hiring an event planner — If you look at this list and you still feel overwhelmed, event planning companies in NYC can do it for you instead.

Companies like Twenty Three Layers, an NYC-based event planning company with years of experience in planning every time event.

Whether it is an exclusive, elegant black tie dinner for 300 guests or an intimate luncheon for just a handful, Twenty Three Layers can create a unique celebration your guests will love.

They will take care of every aspect of your event from choosing the perfect venue to hiring a wonderful caterer. With Twenty Three Layers, all you will have to do is show up.