Dr. Jennifer Walden: Redefining Cosmetic Surgery

Instagram according to millions of active users is not only a source of inspiration but also a personal collection of moments. For Dr. Jennifer Walden however, Instagram is one of the many platforms that she uses to share her professional journey. It is also on her Instagram account that she educates thousands of her followers on the scope of cosmetic surgery. Although Dr. Jennifer Walden regularly shares her personal life as a mother (on Instagram), the most visible collection of posts are on cosmetic surgery. Both her regular posts and Instagram stories explore different aspects of her profession, vividly sharing success stories of her current and previous clients.

@drjenniferwalden (which is Dr. Jennifer Walden official Instagram handle) is one of the fastest growing Instagram accounts on the medical niche. This growth indicates that thousands of people are resonating with her career path of helping people to regain their beauty through cosmetic surgery. With more than 2400 educative posts and more than 260,000 followers, Dr. Jennifer Walden inspires, educates, and enlighten her audience on the best approach to plastic surgery. In one of her Instagram stories, she shares with her followers the operating process and after that the results. Through this curated postings, Dr. Jennifer Walden demystifies incorrect beliefs about the practice.

On her Instagram bio, one of the eye-catching details is her website information. Dr. Walden website mainly supplements her social posting and gives her practice another perspective, which might be lacking from her Instagram account. Some of the details absent from her Instagram account primarily on the structural design of the platform include different procedures she offers and details of her professional life. Her website also gives more details on each service Dr. Walden offers.

Due to her contributions in the world of cosmetic surgery, she is one of the most covered personalities (is the medical world) this year by the media. Dr. Jennifer Walden contributions in this growing niche are well covered by beauty magazines, fashion outlets and some of the most authoritative media houses in the USA. In all these news items and interviews, her future inspirations on cosmetic surgery have dominated these conversations.

About Dr. Jennifer Walden: www.crunchbase.com/person/dr-jennifer-walden#/entity