Security is an Asset

Security is a major concept and objective for prisons and jails to meet. IN order to provide this general need, however, there needs to be attention paid to corruption within the system itself. There are unfortunately a number of corrections officers, police officers and other prison and jail house personnel that are criminals themselves thanks to their direct interactions with inmates and their lack of willpower to stay away from certain temptations. In order to combat this, an information technologies firm, Securus Technologies, has decided to offer additional updated support to its products for individuals to enjoy and develop peace of mind from.


Securus Technologies is a high quality provider of excellent communications and security options to their customer base. Their customers, who are primarily incarcerated individuals living within the American prison system, as well as a number of justice system employees, need valuable forms of open communication tools to get them through the day. One of Securus’ best products is a downloadable application that can be used by customers to communicate directly with family members and loved ones over video chat technology. For inmates this means that their family members no longer need to travel long distances or to worry about annoying and often times uncomfortable security checks.


The products and services that Securus Technologies provides to its customers are those that offer an excellent way to escape a world of danger and uncertainty. The addition of new reforms in upgrading and expanding on recently developed projects means that Securus Technologies is not only a company that cares for its customers, but one that cares for everyone regardless of their past decisions in life.

Securus Technologies Has Changed Inmate Visitations Using Video Technology

It’s no secret. Good people that made one mistake are sitting in prisons all over the United States. There are several reasons why good people are sent to prison. The main reason is poor choices on the part of the person sent to jail, and the other reason is a judicial system that is completely broken. People will always make bad choices, but the justice system can be changed. Securus Technologies is doing their part to make a bad situation better by offering inmates and their families a telephone service that is far and away the best in the prison communication industry. Read more about Securus on Linkedin.

Securus is the top inmate call provider in the United States. Securus has been offering families unlimited minutes and no long distance charges system for years, and there’s no contract to sign. Securus provides a “local” number that is part of the number system near the prison where a loved one is incarcerated. Once the family has the number, they give it to the inmate, and the service is activated. The new number is now the family’s number. When an inmate calls that number, the family’s designated phone number will ring. That number can be a cell, work, or home phone number.

That system has helped reduced the cost of phone calls, and the “local” number system has eliminated some of the hassles of an inmate trying to make a call from the standard phone system that is in place in prisons across the country.  The video visitation system gives inmates the opportunity to interact with their family just like they would on a Facetime call. In other words, the video visitation system eliminates the need to go to the prison, and wait, to interact with an inmate through a thick glass window. A video visitation can be set up in advance, and it can include what Securus calls a concert call.

A concert call is a call where the inmate can watch live entertainment or interact with more than one person. And the video and concert system is easy to use. A video concert can be done with a computer, a web camera, and an Internet connection. The old method of waiting for love ones to visit on certain days and between certain hours has been eliminated thanks to the Securus video visitation and the video concert feature.

Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.