Battle fatigue and aging with Genucel

As our lives become more hectic and we try and squeeze every minute out of each day, under eye bags and puffiness are increasing. Whether from a lack of sleep or from stress, this is a problem that is plaguing more and more of us.

Chamonix has developed a product to battle and reduce the appearance of bags, puffiness, and aging. Genucel uses plant stem cell technology to bring youth back in a natural way. The six-step system treats every part of the area around the eye from an eyelid treatment to lift and tighten droopy eyelids to an anti-wrinkle treatment. Genucel’s plant stem cell technology has a variety of natural components at work to lift, smooth and eliminate age spots.

The most important of these is Eyeseryl. A natural peptide that has been clinically proven to reduce puffiness around the eyes. In a clinical test, using a 1% concentration, 70% of volunteers saw an improvement of the puffiness by day 15. At the end of this study, 95% saw improvement in the appearance of puffiness and bags under their eyes. It is worth mentioning that the Genucel products contain double the amount of Eyeseryl that was used in this study, containing 2%.

Eyeseryl is not the only ingredient at work here. Genucel also contains plant stem cells from a rare species of Swiss apple. These stem cells help promote the youthful appearance we strive for. Other natural ingredients and extracts that make this system work are no less important. Algae extract can help draw out toxins from the skin while conditioning, hydrating, and replenishing the essential vitamins and minerals our skin needs.

Green tea extract can also be found in this miracle system, giving it anti-aging properties. The antioxidants create skin soothing effects and improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin. The same can be said of the goji berry extract that is part of Genel’s appeal. While very high in antioxidants, goji berry extract is very high in vitamin C which helps firm and tighten skin.

Genucel is very rich is hydrolyzed marine collagen which can slow and reverse signs of aging, decrease wrinkles and increase hydration. Marine collagen, coming from the skin of marine fish, help replace Type 1 collagen which makes up 70% of our skin.

With so many replenishing ingredients at work, the Genucel system has thought of everything.