Robert Ivy Elaborates How Professional Organizations Could Help Turn Your Business Around

Robert Ivy is a great figure in the Architectural industry. As a leader in the Architectural industry, He has learned to take up ventures that benefit him and his employees. One of the instruments that he appreciates using is professional organizations. Over the last couple of years, he has seen professional organizations help make significant changes in different organizations.

He is the current CEO and vice president of American Institutes of Architects (AIA). He has served in various positions over the years and has risen the ranks. All credit goes to his hard work and help from the different professional organization. He had seen outstanding works by different association including one that helped change tax legislation in the country.

Besides affecting the legislative process and other government decisions, professional organizations serve as networking platforms. It is custom for organizations to meet once a year to discuss matters affecting their member and what new plans the organization has to offer. Through attaining the conferences, businesses get an opportunity to learn from best players in the industry. They also get an opportunity to show off their works in the workshops and other activities.

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Also, workers enjoy occasional job fairs that are held to grow moral and help workers in their respective companies. Some employees use the opportunity to look for better opportunities. Through job fairs, workers get to understand how best they can utilize their skills in the market. He advocated that workers become part of an organization that will help them build up their careers and fight for their rights.

Robert Ivy had been able to collect credentials from different associations he is involved. By being part of a professional society, one can keep up with current trends and updates in the market. They can also attack more clients by being part of the community. Some associations give specific requirements to be met by members before joining the society. By going through strict tests, companies can prove their skills, products, and services. For the architect Robert Ivy, AIA has a strict code of ethics that members have to follow to avoid termination of their membership. This code helps people from all rays of life to appreciate their work.

Robert Ivy is among the best in the architecture industry. He recently won the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. Robert Ivy loves his work. He always looks for ways to make his career much easier like professional organizations.