NGP VAN Host Progressive Organizers To Discuss Field 2.0

A few months ago, NGP VAN played host to numerous progressive organizers to discuss how they’re working to boost campaigns and helping them to run intricate, multi-layered efforts to get out the vote. So you’re probably wondering what Field 2.0 is. It’s a modern, multi-channel organizing campaign that makes it easier for people to spread their message across their local areas. The main purpose of the event was to kick off a summer of resistance by employing digital advocacy, organizing and fundraising for the progressive movement. Hundreds of people came out for the event to discuss new ways to spread the voice of equality throughout the country. They also discussed how they can make new training programs to teach other people about the progressive movement and the impact it has had on many people.

The event also featured an open bar so there were plenty of snacks, drinks, games and company swag for all those in attendance. They also received the latest information about developing the newest technology for various campaigns and progressive groups. Ever since election day, NGP VAN has featured plenty of products and resources to help keep the resistance going strong. They have been offering different tech products for everything from down-ballot campaigns to upgrading organizing tools.

The first 50 people who arrived at the event were lucky enough to receive a complimentary I heart van t-shirt and there were many Hillary Clinton supporters and progressive millennials who came out to show their support for NGP VAN and the amazing work they’re doing. The event was held in the shadow of Trump Tower as a reminder that we must continue to resist the dangerous and corrupt administration currently residing in the White House. There were many staffers showing the guests different ways they can organize their campaigns and make a difference in the political world. With a turnout that proved to be larger than expected, the event was no doubt a success for NGP VAN and their loyal supporters. So we thank them for hosting this amazing event and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.


Talk Fusion Prepares Marketing Suite for Big 2018.

Talk Fusion is hitting the 2018 calendar year at a full sprint as the famed video marketing and direct selling company is looking to continue their innovative ways. Talk Fusion is a Florida-based video communications solutions company that was founded by Bob Reina and continues to operate under his deft hands. Talk Fusion spent much of last year hyping up their work with WebRTC technology and nowt he company will be working to put it into the hands of clients and customers all around the world. Let’s take a close look at some of the great stuff that Talk Fusion is bringing to the public in 2018. Learn more:


To really understand why Talk Fusion is at the top of their game right now, you need to take a closer look at the products that they are releasing and the way that the internet is operating. Right now, video marketing is the most prominent form of advertisement in the world. The power of video marketing is unrivaled and it is stronger than it has ever been. This is a concept that CEO Bob Reina latched onto early on in his career and it gave him the spark that would light the match that became Talk Fusion. Now, we are also benefiting from an increasingly video-connected world. More people than ever are choosing to communicate with video over common text such as emails or text messages.


So, what is Talk Fusion doing for the regular every-day person? First, you have to know about their Video Email platform. When Reina first established Talk Fusion, he did so in order to create an email client that allowed for quick video-to-video sharing. Reina couldn’t find a single client on the market that offered the solution to his problems so he went about creating it for himself. Talk Fusion’s Video Email application allows users to send a video to anyone, or even a client list, that they desire. After the email is sent, the recipient can view it and reply within the same browser — so long as they have a web camera. In this way, users are able to avoid many of the pitfalls associated with the various video communication applications that are on the market.


For real-time communication, Talk Fusion has also worked to develop their Video Chat application. Video Chat is a live, video-to-video, app that allows consumers to communicate with each other across competing platforms. Video Chat went around the industry when it was released and it scored several high profile awards including the 2016 WebRTC Product of the Year Award. Video Chat is available for both phones and computers and has seen consistent updates from the team at Talk Fusion.

WebRTC Makes Talk Fusion’s “Live Meeting” the Most Advanced Software of its Kind

Talk Fusion’s “Live Meeting” allows the user to plan, schedule, and invite people to meetings conducted over a tablet, smartphone, or PC. In September of last year, Talk Fusion Founder Bob Reina went online to introduce an improved version of Live Meeting. The updated program utilizes WebRTC (real-time communications) technology.


Prior to adding it to Live Meeting Talk Fusion made WebRTC a component of their Video Chat program. That change garnered Video Chat recognition as the best communications solutions software.


What sets the new version apart from the old version of Live Meeting is that it doesn’t require Adobe Flash Player. An all-in-one software Live Meeting’s new software doesn’t depend on a separate download to record meetings.


Bob Reina’s plans are to make these improvements a part of all Talk Fusion products. He believes that WebRTC technology has applications beyond marketing. A leap forward in audiovisual communications WebRTC would allow anyone to communicate verbally via their computer.


With faster set-up time because there is no need for plug-in downloads there are no delays that could cause an attendee to be tardy for a meeting. Both image and sound quality are improved. The new interface makes it easier to learn how to navigate the program. All the program’s users are protected by an improved security system.


The latest version of Live Meeting is currently the only program of its kind that accommodates 15 presenters and 500 attendees. The program offers top-notch reliability and quality.


Bob Reina is a graduate of the University of South Florida. Talk Fusion was born of an idea that Bob had for sending videos via email. In 2004 he wanted to email a video that was taken in a house he had toured. At that point in time videos couldn’t be emailed. Today Video Email is part of the Talk Fusion product line.


Bob Reina established Talk Fusion in 20007 as a Video Marketing Solutions company. His marketing experience came from being a top one-percent earner at other marketing companies over the course of 15 years. Bob Reina contributes to both the Huffington Post and MarTech Advisor. Learn more: