Avanca Reviews How NewsWatch TV Boosted Campaign Success

Newswatch TV was first established in 1990. Back then, they had a program that discussed financial topics of the time each month. Now, they are renowned award winning television program that highlights consumer entertainment and technology. They have expanded their programming to include several consumer focused topics.

Leveraging celebrity interviews, they focus on providing the technological consumer with information about the new and upcoming developments in the industry. Their popular segments Tech Report and AppWatch, have led them to work with several Fortune 500 companies. They review new technology mobile apps weekly, reaching several viewers.

This notoriety is what initially lead the company Avanca to work with NewsWatch. For their “Ockel Siruis B pocket PC”, they create their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign with a goal of $10,000 needed in thirty days. In order to receive the crowdfunding, Avanca knew they must reach the full goal, or they risked losing any financial aid. In order to reach this amount, they worked with NewsWatch to assist them in advertising their campaign. Knowing the expansive outreach NewsWatch has with their audience, they created a one minute segment that was aired through their shows.

NewsWatch was able to greatly surpass the initially needed Indiegogo goal of $10,000. They actually were able to successfully raise a total of $451,551. Avanca’s own Marketing Director Natalie Van Wijkvliet has stated how the promotional segment that NewsWatch ran is one of the reasons that allowed the crowdfunding campaign to be such a large success. Using NewsWatch allowed Avanca to reach more than one million online viewers.

Since Avanca experienced their initial success with NewsWatch TV launching their crowdfunding campaign, they have been strong supporters of the consumer outreach they provide. Avanca continues to use the media resources provided to further strengthen their new product launches, currently working on launching their 3rd device.