Kim Dao – Making changes and going places

Published on April 11, 2017. In this video Kim receives a gift she wasn’t expecting from her friend, Sophie (aka Peachmilky, After spending the evening together watching a show they like and eating Kim’s favorite pizza, the next morning Kim and Sophie prepare to finish the move to Sophie’s new apartment. Since there was limited room in the moving vehicle, they got to go on a bit of an escapade. After Kim and her friend complete a few errands and take the train to the new apartment, it skips to the evening where Kim has dinner and fixes a few issues that came up throughout the day. Since the moving and unpacking was a busy process, videoing was a challenge she decided to go against. Kim stops at a grocery store to get some supplies and food. Don’t worry, it wouldn’t be Kim Dao if she didn’t share with you what she bought! Kim decided to change up the format of her video postings as she used to do to try something new. Make sure you let her know if you like the changes she made to how she makes her posts! You can subscribe to her at Kim’s main channel can be found at

Find the 7 minute and 14 second video by following this link!

Gotta Catch ‘Em All: Kim Dao Plays Pokémon Go In Odaiba With Friends

YouTuber Kim Dao recently published a video called “We are such adults | Gundam in Odaiba | ft. Beckii Cruel & PeachMilky.” In this video, Kim Dao meets up with a bunch of friends while playing her favorite mobile game: Pokémon Go.


At the start of the video, Kim Dao goes to the Pokémon Store in Tokyo to seek out rare Pokémon and chat with an acquaintance she met the day before. While she’s at the store, she takes a peek at the latest products on display. Kim sees a Pikachu plush with the same exact jacket she’s wearing, but she doesn’t want to spend her hard-earned money on it just yet.


After a few minutes of window-shopping, Kim Dao and her friend go to Subway for some lunch. Kim orders a grilled chicken with honey mustard on flatbread.


Once Kim Dao and her friend are finished eating, they head on over to Odaiba. There are literally hundreds people all over Odaiba playing Pokémon Go. While hunting for rare Pokémon, she meets up with fellow YouTubers Beckii and Sophie.


Later, Kim and her friends head on over to the Gundam Transformer for some sightseeing. They also catch a few more Pokémon along the way. Near the Gundam Transformer, Kim spots a former winner of “Korean Idol” belting his heart out.


While they’re all walking through Palette Town, Kim Dao sees an outlet. As everyone else is shopping, Kim Dao shows us around the VenusFort mall. Kim then buys a delicious sakura latte at Starbucks. To close out the video, Kim Dao goes on the Ferris Wheel and shows us some amazing shots of the Tokyo skyline.

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