Edwin Miranda : CEO of a Global Marketing Firm

Edwin Miranda is a businessman that has a huge list of experience under his belt in many different areas. In his younger years before his career started, he went to MIT where he got a degree in biologics. This served him well in much of his career as he found spots with many different companies that produce medication. In the companies, he quickly found a great place as vice president of quality assurance. While he didn’t have an interest in making the drugs he took pride in making sure they were of not only the standards of the FDA but the company he worked for so that they were producing good and safe drugs for their clients whom would later take them.

But now he has seemingly closed that chapter and opened a brand new one where he is serving as the CEO. Edwin now works as the CEO of a global marketing firm where he is shifting the firm to be a technological forward company and embrace the new ways of marketing to customers. A lot of the problems the marketing companies are having is that the traditional ways of marketing through not dead are not proving results like they used to.

Because of this more often than not some companies are looking elsewhere because it doesn’t seem to be worth the price for the customer to continue with that company. Thanks to Edwin now taking over his company he is able to push all efforts forward not only using what has been proven to work now but preparing the companies that hire him for the future. By having meetings with the companies and showing them the shift that marketing will need to make he is able to provide them with the best services while remaining completely transparent about their side of the marketing.