Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda is a marketing expert that has always been a driven individual and known for getting the job done in both a creative and productive way. From an early age, Edwin seemed to excel at most things that he did impress those around him. But it wasn’t until he was older than his hard work and creativity got him noticed by the form of him getting accepted into MIT. During his time at MIT, he studied hard and earned a degree in biologics. After that degree like most college graduates, he was looking for a job in his field. After looking around he landed a few offers but ended up accepting an offer to join a drug making company. In that company, he got hired on to be in the quality assurance department. While he started in a beginning position like most college graduates he didn’t have to stay their very long.

The use of his eye for detail which got him hired also led to him consistently moving up and getting chances to move to other drug making companies in a better position. After thirty-three years and working with many drug companies in the country he was the vice president of the quality assurance department. Throughout his thirty-three years, he saw many drugs to the market all which were a huge success and considered safe. Thanks to the marketing skills that he learned at a young age he was able to get all drugs through the FDA in a quite smooth process without having hold-ups or worries about the drug along the way. But now that chapter in his career has closed as he is now the CEO of his own marketing company down in Florida. His goal is now to bring life back into marketing agencies as they have been struggling in recent years.

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