Fabletics Demonstrates why Traditional Marketing Methods are Obsolete

The success of any business lies in the marketing techniques employed. While advertising, public relations, promotions, and sales have dominated the marketing industry for years, these forms of marketing are becoming unappealing to the modern consumers. The arrival of the internet changed all aspects of life including marketing. Modern consumers spend a lot of time online, and marketers developed digital marketing techniques. However, some digital marketing techniques are more viable than others. For example, the review-centric marketing strategy employed by many consumer brands such as Fabletics has proved to be a winning strategy.

Fabletics came to life four years ago. The activewear company is Kate Hudson’s brainchild. Kate together with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg envisioned an activewear company that provides stylish, high quality, and inexpensive products. Some of the enterprises in the activewear clothing business such as Athleta and Lululemon that dominated the market when Fabletics was started provided pricey products which are inaccessible to ordinary Americans. Four years down the line, Fabletics is threatening to dethrone its competitors as the leading activewear company in America.

From 2013 to date, Fabletics’ growth and acceptance in the activewear market have been impressive. The company has opened over six retail stores in America. Also, the company has retail shops in Australia, Canada, Germany, and Spain among other countries; in 2015, Fabletics reported that it had shipped over one million orders to international destinations. Also in 2015, Fabletics introduced a new product line: men’s line. The company boasts of over $235 million revenues. Pundits estimate that Fabletics has enjoyed over 200% growth since it was founded to date.

Many successful brands such as Fabletics adopted review-centric marketing strategy the moment market surveys revealed that positive reviews entice online users. Online buyers search for businesses online, and therefore the first step is for brands to avail themselves online. Online shoppers are particularly in search of “user reviews”; these are reviews that other buys made regarding a product or a service. Depending on the nature of these reviews (negative or positive) a consumer decides to acquire a product or services. Other surveys have indicated that online buyers trust the reviews they read online, and it becomes difficult to sway them even with a low price. Fabletics has successfully made a positive image online. Also, the company has an unmatched online presence; their intuitive website, Fabletics.com, has reviews not only from ordinary users but also from the sensational Kate Hudson. Recently, Fabletics collaborated with Demi Lovato; someone who is known to many online users. Reviews from the likes of Demi Lovato are likely to increase the company’s sales.

Unlike serial entrepreneurs, Kate Hudson gets her hands dirty helping in the of running Fabletics. She is credited for work such as reviewing budgets, implementing social media strategies, and assisting in the design of Fabletics’ clothing. Gregg Throgmartin, Fabletics’ president, is thrilled to have Kate as part of the Fabletics’ team. Throgmartin praises Kate as a person who only promotes what she believes; he says that it is easy for consumers to imagine Kate in Fabletics gear.