Guilherme Paulus: Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur in Tourism

What makes someone a successful business professional or entrepreneur? It helps to understand the industry including how an individual can benefit from technology and expert skills in the primary area. Nevertheless, these aren’t the only defining characteristics of a successful entrepreneur. Instead, qualities such as the ability to overcome challenges and hardships in business define a successful entrepreneur especially in the Brazilian tourism industry that’s marred with high tax rates and economic recession. Those who aspire to join the industry should monitor its dynamics. Guilherme Paulus is one such expert in the tour and travel business. He has successfully mastered the art of developing useful strategies to support his business. When he met Carlos Vicente who as a political figure in 1972, Paulus suggested that they should form an agency that provides travel packages for local and foreign tourists. That marked the beginning of a luxurious business in Brazil’s tourism sector.

Brazil’s tourism sector is developing the economy of multiple regions in the country. In 2015, the state had more than 6 million visitors thereby ranking it the leading tourist destination in Latin America. Revenues from the sector were approximately $5.8 billion. Since the economic crisis in 2008 to 2009, the country has been recovering. Brazil is also famous for offering domestic as well as international tourists many options for leisure and adventure travel. Guilherme Paulus has studied the market. That’s why he founded CVC Brasil with the assistance of his then partner, Carlos Vicente Cerchiari who was a well-known government official.

The revered entrepreneur was raised in Sao Paulo before he joined the University for a Degree in business administration. Being a junior associate, he served at IBM as a computer analyst for a few years before joining the tourism sector as a sales agent for an agency. It’s at this point that he learned how to run the business. Guilherme Paulus would meet Vicente Cerchiari who offered to give him the capital to start an agency in tourism. Guilherme Paulus has since owned the agency called CVC Brasil. With his leadership skills, it provides affordable transportation, accommodation and leisure travel products, and services.

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