Inmate Video Visitation by Securus

Watching the video of a Christmas time visitation where a father and son are reconnected from a prison during Christmas reminded me of a time when I couldn’t visit a loved one who was incarcerated


When inmates are locked up many miles from their families, on-site visitation becomes an added inconvenience and expense for the family.


Securus Technologies, the world leader in prison communications, has changed the landscape of prison visitation. Secures implemented the video visitation in more than 2,000 correctional facilities.


More recently they have enhanced the experience with the visitation from home option. This allows many inmates, whose families are unable to make long trips to see them, easy and more affordable. Family members can now have the pleasure of spending time with their loved ones from the comfort of their homes.


This also plays a role in the development of the inmate’s psychological well-being in that it eases their adjustment to the prison life experience.


Additionally, Secures is implementing an online feature where a family member can actually share their visits from the comfort of home. This means that more family members can participate in the visit at the same time. In the normal course of a prison site visit, the number of people allowed to take part in the visit is usually limited to a small number, usually 2-3, due to space limitations.


Not only has Secures narrowed the distance between family and inmate, they have made it easier with their mobile app. Now I could take may tablet with me and my wife could still share my life while serving her time.


The implementing of this technology allows prison personnel to perform other duties. All of this reduces that amount of staff needed for visitations, reduces the costs of this practice, and increases safety in the correctional facility.



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