Motivation To Succeed With Dr. Saad Saad

When you are one of eight children in your family home, you know that you have to work hard in order to make yourself known. Dr. Saad Saad grew up in Kuwait after being born in Palestine and he was one of eight children in his family. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

The Saad family was not just known for their large number but also the ambitions of their children. Of the eight children in the family, three have gone on to become surgeons, two have gotten their Ph.D., a pair have become master engineers and the final child became a teacher.

Dr. Saad is the child who went on to become a surgeon in the United States and after 47 illustrious years in the field, he is ready to look back on what he has done and discuss what made him the success that he is today.

Dr. Saad knew from an early age that he didn’t much care for the extreme heat of Kuwait. With temperatures pushing into the triple-digits during the day on a regular basis, Dr. Saad wanted to end up somewhere in an environmentally controlled room. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: and

One of the only places in the area where the air conditioning was always on was that of the surgery room. While Dr. Saad jokes that air conditioning made him want to become a surgeon, we’re not entirely sure he is speaking completely in jest.

After turning down a chance to become an engineer, Dr. Saad would end up going to school in order to become a pediatric surgeon. He would end up moving to the United States where he would study under the impeccable Dr. H Biemann Othersen, a person whom Dr. Saad greatly admires and considered to be one of the most effective and talented pediatric surgeons in the entire country.

Dr. Saad learned a lot from Dr. Othersen but no lesson was more important than how Dr. Othersen taught Dr. Saad to treat each individual patient with the utmost respect, care, and humility. Caring for a person on every level became Dr. Saad’s calling card and it would help him to become the success story that he is today.

However, Dr. Saad didn’t just get great training in order to become a pediatric surgeon with two patents to his name. Dr. Saad leaned heavily on his organizational skills to stay ahead of tasks so that he was always focused and never falling behind on his obligations.

Along with his organization in real life, Dr. Saad fell in love with doing research and implementing what he learned into his field of work. This would lead Dr. Saad to two lucrative patents, an endoscope and catheter, which are now used all over the country in the medical field.