Neurocore and Trail Blazers

Trail Blazers is very concerned about its players’ fitness and health. They always want to keep their players at their best for them to give good results while they play. They have teamed up with Neurocore which is a company that specializes in brain assessment and provides programs to boost the patients’ concentration spun, sleep and also teaches them on how to manage stress. Trail Blazers tied up with Neurocore to help boost their players’ mental health and concentration through their brain training program. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Through Neurocore’s Pro device, it has helped the athletes to recover by improving their sleep. This Pro device works by using low-frequency waves which boost recovery and re-establishes sleep to patients. Tim Royer who is the founder of Neurocore company believes that when athletes get enough sleep, they build resilience to hard training and perform better at the court. The tight schedule of the players lives them fatigued which impairs their body functions. Neurocore has constructed a brain room which is equipped with customized approaches which come in handy in boosting parts of the body such as the brain, cardiovascular systems, respiratory system, and endocrine system.


Trail blazers have devised a way to make their player keep calm and focused in the game. This is through watching movies and videos recorded in DVDs. The movie or video immediately stops playing when the player’s concentration is disrupted or when the player simply loses focus on the movie or video. The program is more like meditation using technology. This helps the athletes to relax and also boost their physical training. Tim Royer believes that when athletes are mentally strong, chances of having a mental breakdown will be rare since they will be capable of handling any pressure given to them.

Neurocore Pro is designed to provoke the part of the brain that is involved in controlling the muscle movement in the body. The athlete mainly uses this part of the brain since they are always involved in vigorous activities. When this part of their brain is kept active, the athletes will be capable of producing better results when they play. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.