One Planet Awards and What Troy McQuagge Won

One Planet is an organization made up of business experts from around the world that distributes awards for outstanding service and accomplishments in commercial and organizational activity at the international level. Earlier this year, Troy McQuagge, the current Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group Advisors, was crowned the Gold Winner of CEO of the Year by One Planet Awards.

USHEALTH Group Advisors, along with every other organization across the globe, was able to submit a nomination for the award of CEO of the Year, in addition to all other accomplishments recognized by One Planet Awards. The health insurance provider was one of hundreds of such bodies that submitted a bid for Troy McQuagge’s recognization.

Although One Planet Awards looks into all industries, the board of top-notch committee members considers public relations, marketing, corporate communications, and producers of innovative products and services as front-runners for receiving the awards.

Those interested in the annual One Planet Awards can find more at, and even submit their own votes. One Planet Awards recognized Mr. Troy McQuagge as having worked for USHEALTH Group Advisors since 2010, first building its division of captive distribution over his first four years with the firm. In 2014, he was named to the prestigious dual role of President and CEO of USHEALTH Group Advisors, bringing home an unmatched level of corporate growth and success for the firm in its industry, the ever-competitive individual health insurance field.

While Troy McQuagge is known considerably well by his peers in the insurance industry and throughout Texas, not everyone is aware of his background of rising from the bottom and making a slow-yet-steady ascent to the top. Follow Troy McQuagge on Twitter.

Mr. McQuagge first went to UCF, the University of Central Florida, and earned a bachelor’s of arts in 1983. He immediately went to work with Allstate Insurance Company within weeks of graduating, remaining with the company for the better half of two decades. McQuagge landed a position with the Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies in 1995, earning the title of President of its insurance subsidiary in 1997. That insurance division, typically shortened to UGA, was fortunate enough to have sales records broken several times.

He stayed with the insurance group through 2010, serving as its President for the final three years he spent with the then-named HealthMarkets. Troy McQuagge was the sole employee to credit for earning over one billion dollars’ worth of insurance sales throughout 2007, setting similar sales numbers through 2010. He moved on to USHEALTH Group Advisors in 2010, then named Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer in 2013. Less than twelve months later, he found a spot as President and CEO, a demanding role he remains in to this date. Read: