Soccer Investments Made By Fortress Founder Wes Edens

The popular English soccer team, Aston Villa has recently found itself out of the top flight of the game but could see a return with the arrival of new owners. In the Summer of 2018, Fortress Investments co-founder Wes Edens partnered with Egyptian billionaire Nassef Sawiris to purchase a controlling 55 percent interest in the historic club. Edens is a sports fan of excellent standing with the NBA and other sporting bodies who has built a reputation for success among the fans of the Milwaukee Bucks since taking control of franchise in 2014.

One of the main concerns for the University of Oregon graduate has been to respect the traditions of the NBA franchise and maintain these as the team moves into the future. Wes Edens was intent on explaining to the fanbase of the Bucks at the time of purchase that he had no interest in moving the team to a new TV market. The chance to increase the amount of money on offer for a franchise is often the reason for a purchase to be made, but Edens has made it clear his love of sports drives his ambition.

Much like the Bucks, Aston Villa is known as a sleeping giant of English soccer and has a history dating back to the inaugural Football League competition in 1888. Under the leadership of Wes Edens and Nassef Sawiris, the club is hoping to return to the Premier League competition they were relegated from at the close of the 2015-16 season.

Much like the Bucks franchise, the arrival of Wes Edens comes at a time of concern for Aston Villa fans who have become concerned about their team after a period of neglect by previous owners. Just four years after the arrival of Wes Edens in Milwaukee, the Bucks are prospering in a new arena promised by Edens and completed as the first phase of a regeneration of Milwaukee’s Entertainment District.

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Hyland’s- A Homeopathic Approach to Your Baby’s Teething Care

A crying baby in the night with an ache in their gums can be a hard experience for both the parent and baby, but can also be easily treated by an all-natural product such as Hyland’s baby oral relief tablets.


Hylan’s baby teething relief is a safe and gentle solution to the ailments of your baby’s swollen or sore gums.


Hyland’s oral tablets use ingredients that do not contain any artificial flavors or dyes. The active ingredients that are contained inside the oral relief tablets are all-natural and safe for your baby.


Hyland’s oral teething relief is easily taken by mouth as they dissolve quickly, making ingestion much easier for your baby.


Using Hyland’s is a traditional homeopathic approach to soothing the aches and pains of your baby’s gums. Remedy solutions such as Hyland’s are one of the best ways to treat your baby’s aching gums due to the all-natural and high-quality ingredients used in their products.


Hyland’s evokes a vision based on family values and a history that is held near and dear to the company’s core values. Hyland’s gives a foundation based on the history ingrained in their message. They believe that history is a living thing, a message humanity carries in their hearts and is passed down through their products.


Hyland’s was founded back in 1903, is a homeopathic practice that produces health and wellness solutions. All their products contain the best ingredients and natural contents. Hyland’s has been a trusted brand by families for over a century and is one of the leading Homeopathic companies in the North American continent.

Guilherme Paulus Uses His Hotel To Help People Travel

Guilherme Paulus is an entrepreneur who started a hotel to help people have a better experience in Brazil. He knew the right way to handle the hotel and also knew he could do better than most other hotels in his area. It made sense for the hotel to keep getting better since he spent a lot of time learning about the right opportunities to help his guests. He did a lot of research and that’s what made things easier for him to make the most out of the hotel business. Paulus uses his hotel to give travelers great experience, unique options for travel and locals the chance to make more money.

When Guilherme Paulus started his hotel, he did it so he had a chance to keep helping people understand the options he could use. He made sure the hotel featured luxury finishes and options that would allow people the chance to feel they were somewhere filled with luxury. It also gave him a better chance at standing out among all the other hotels in the area. He wanted his to be the best hotel so he pushed to make sure guests loved  luxury options the hotel had.

After learning about the right way to do things in the hotel industry, Guilherme Paulus gave himself a chance to learn about other travel opportunities. He realized there was a huge need for travel tours in Brazil. People had a chance to learn more about the travel tours and the things going on in the hotel industry. No matter what issues people ran into or what they were trying to do while they were at the hotel, Paulus knew going on tour was a great way to make a difference so he could do more for the travelers to his hotel.

The idea behind his hotel wasn’t so he could make money. While he is an entrepreneur who knows a lot about making money, he also knows he can do different things to help people. Not only does his hotel give people great place to stay while they’re in Brazil but it also gives the members of his community a place to work. The hotel provides a comfortable and safe working environment. The hotel is a better option than what most people have. Guilherme Paulus even pays his employees living wages and gives them benefits they might not find anywhere else in the community.

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Drew Madden says U.S. healthcare system can do better

Drew Madden ranks among the most widely respected people in the healthcare IT space today. He is one of the most accomplished figures within the field, having led a number of high-profile firms to great success. Now, Madden is branching off on his own. He is now in the second year of running his own startup IT firm, Evergreen Healthcare Partners. And Madden and his team are hoping to fundamentally change the way that healthcare is delivered in the United States.

Money that’s too big to fail

Unfortunately, as Madden is quick to point out, the trajectory on which the U.S. healthcare system currently finds itself is hardly reassuring. Madden says that the United States currently spends more per-capita on healthcare than any other OECD country, beating its nearest competitor by nearly a factor of two. At the same time, Madden says that the U.S. is delivering worse-than-average healthcare results while forcing its citizens to pay more than two and a half times the OECD average for healthcare costs.

This, says Madden, should be a situation that no American accepts. He and Evergreen Healthcare Partners are seeking to redress these society-wide injustices through the adoption of more patient-centric initiatives as well as the introduction into a badly cartelized system of more free-market forces.

Madden says that one of the most surefire ways to ensure better patient outcomes and dramatically reduce costs is to empower patients themselves to make better, more-informed choices. Madden says that the prevailing order has deliberately limited the ability of healthcare consumers to discover information relating to prices and the quality of care that they will be receiving. He says that this is one area where simply creating solid patient apps would go a long way towards ensuring fairer pricing and better patient outcomes.

One of the ways in which Madden and his firm are making this happen is through the creation of patient-facing apps that allow them to compare prices, explore insurance policies and compare the ratings of healthcare provided. Madden hopes that this type of app will soon become as common as restaurant review sites, making the price discovery process far more transparent and accurate.

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Betsy Devos: the new Secretary of Education

Have you seen the latest in Washington? Betsy Devos has been taking the country by storm. She is the leading education reformer and the 11th US Education Secretary. However, before she was working in Capitol Hill, she had dedicated her life to philanthropy and education in her home state of Michigan. She had led the Michigan Republican Party in education, starting with legislation like “Kids First!” Coalition to supporting her husband’s gubernatorial run in 2006.


However, now she leads the nation in education reform. While many on the left have critiqued her ideas on education reform, she has remained strong and fought for educational choice in all 50 states. In a recent interview with “60 Minutes, Devos stated that she felt success had been made in certain states since she took office. It has only been two years, but in that time, she has made significant progress in some states, including Louisiana and Florida. She believes that Florida has been the most successful due to its tuition-based scholarship program.


Devos believes that students should have more choices when it comes to picking a school. Currently, in many years, students are stuck going to a failing school because they are zoned for one, even if they don’t like the curriculum or don’t have the same resources as other schools. This has led many students to experience a fear of going to school, and it’s what Devos is fighting against. She wants students to be able to select where they go to school, including programs for magnet schools, virtual schools, homeschooling, private academies, and charter schools.


To those who say that public funding will wind up in the hands of private schools, Devos says that naysayers don’t understand the program. She also stated that philanthropy has been the driving force behind educational choice, including donors like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Sam Walton.


The Devos Family Foundation has also been involved in a number of education donations. The charity has given away more than $135 million to healthcare, education, cultural programs, and other groups. It’s this kind of dedication that has made schools in Michigan much stronger.


Since 2018, President Trump has been talking about the state of America’s schools and has been working with US Education Secretary Devos to improve school safety. He appointed her to head up the school safety movement, and throughout the summer, many policy and regulation changes were made to ensure that schools were safer for the 2018-2019 school year.


Currently Devos is working towards bringing more states under educational choice and continues to fight against violence in schools.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.

Wes Edens: Always A New Adventure

For many people with great wealth and prosperity, life has always been an adventure. From taking chances early on in their careers to continuing to do so later on, it is these adventures that often catapult them into the upper realms of business and other areas. Such has been the case with Wes Edens, who over the years has found himself involved in one successful venture after another, all of which have led to him being recognized as one of today’s most successful entrepreneurs.

Putting the college degree he earned in Finance and Business Administration to good use, Wed Edens channeled the competitive spirit he displayed as a skier in his teenage years into business ventures that paid off handsomely. Beginning his career in business in 1987 with Lehman Brothers, Wes Edens eventually founded his own company, Fortress Investment Group, in 1998. Drawing on his experience with other companies, he quickly used his knack for creative investments and building businesses to create a company that made he and his partners billionaires. As a result, he has been able to use his talents in many other ventures outside the business world, such as being a co-owner of Milwaukee Bucks NBA franchise.

As a businessman who is known for not being afraid to take risks, it should come as no surprise that one of the hobbies Wes Edens enjoys most is mountain climbing. Just as he does when scaling one of the world’s tallest mountains, he takes the same approach in business. By carefully evaluating each step one at a time, calculating the risks and rewards, and then moving forward with full confidence, Wes Edens is able to find success where others often fail.

Determined to continue his successful journey in the business world and other areas, Wes Edens is always looking for the next great challenge and adventure. Whether it’s starting a new financial services company, investing in a sports franchise, or perhaps funding a new and innovative business idea that is years away from the marketplace, it’s clear there is always a new adventure awaiting Wes around every corner.

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Nature’s Greatest Pain Reliever for Babies

Are you looking for a more natural approach to soothing your baby’s pain? Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief tablets are a great way to help your baby feel better for a number of health problems. Whether they are teething or they potentially have earaches associated with colds, the Hyland’s brand is highly regarded for their homeopathic solutions for babies.


Parents can feel good about giving their babies something that is not only natural, but Hyland’s products are science-based. Tested and produced for nearly 100 years, their homeopathic remedies have soothed some of the fussiest babies on earth! Why are these facts important? Babies discover the world and how it works through their mouths. This is just their early life. This is why now is the time to try these natural tablets when baby has a sore mouth.


Now it is simple to help your little one with the help of the number one natural OTC brand trusted by generations of families the world over. Babies mouth may hurt from teething, and they may have sore gums, a slight fever, or something more serious. Regardless of the ailment, Hyland’s Oral Pain Relief for babies comes in handy day or night.


Using only the highest quality ingredients, Hyland’s has a proven track record that supports health and wellness in babies everywhere. Generations of moms have trusted their products for more than 100 years and counting. These small homeopathic supplements are ideal for your baby, and they dissolve quickly. Families trust the name in natural solutions for healing and comfort regardless of the source of discomfort.


You won’t find any harsh chemicals in anything this company makes. There are no additives or anything that would potentially harm your baby. Hyland’s is focused on educating parents everywhere, so that they feel empowered to take care of their little ones first, before rushing to the doctor.

Battle fatigue and aging with Genucel

As our lives become more hectic and we try and squeeze every minute out of each day, under eye bags and puffiness are increasing. Whether from a lack of sleep or from stress, this is a problem that is plaguing more and more of us.

Chamonix has developed a product to battle and reduce the appearance of bags, puffiness, and aging. Genucel uses plant stem cell technology to bring youth back in a natural way. The six-step system treats every part of the area around the eye from an eyelid treatment to lift and tighten droopy eyelids to an anti-wrinkle treatment. Genucel’s plant stem cell technology has a variety of natural components at work to lift, smooth and eliminate age spots.

The most important of these is Eyeseryl. A natural peptide that has been clinically proven to reduce puffiness around the eyes. In a clinical test, using a 1% concentration, 70% of volunteers saw an improvement of the puffiness by day 15. At the end of this study, 95% saw improvement in the appearance of puffiness and bags under their eyes. It is worth mentioning that the Genucel products contain double the amount of Eyeseryl that was used in this study, containing 2%.

Eyeseryl is not the only ingredient at work here. Genucel also contains plant stem cells from a rare species of Swiss apple. These stem cells help promote the youthful appearance we strive for. Other natural ingredients and extracts that make this system work are no less important. Algae extract can help draw out toxins from the skin while conditioning, hydrating, and replenishing the essential vitamins and minerals our skin needs.

Green tea extract can also be found in this miracle system, giving it anti-aging properties. The antioxidants create skin soothing effects and improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin. The same can be said of the goji berry extract that is part of Genel’s appeal. While very high in antioxidants, goji berry extract is very high in vitamin C which helps firm and tighten skin.

Genucel is very rich is hydrolyzed marine collagen which can slow and reverse signs of aging, decrease wrinkles and increase hydration. Marine collagen, coming from the skin of marine fish, help replace Type 1 collagen which makes up 70% of our skin.

With so many replenishing ingredients at work, the Genucel system has thought of everything.


Wes Edens Achievements In Entrepreneurship

Wes Edens Achievements in Entrepreneurship

Wes Edens is one the successful American investors who have invested in numerous sectors. Edens is popular for his love for sports. He is one of the most successful investors who earned a lot of profits from the sports sector. Wes Edens is among the founders of Milwaukee Bucks which is National Basketball Association. The team has earned him a lot of profits since among the best basketball team in America. As per 2017, the Milwaukee was said to be worth 1 billion dollars. Apart from his investment in sports, Edens is also among the founders of the American biggest Investment firm, Fortress Investment Group. Wes has also started the New Fortress Energy which is the latest venture of the Fortress Group.

Wes Edens Investment Ventures

Edens has played a big role in the success of the Fortress Investment Group which manages assets worth 70 billion dollars. Fortress Group manages various investments which include real estate investments and providing debt securities for their clients. The company started as a small investment firm that was based in America but within a short period, it had expanded to various parts of the world including Britain where they also have offices in London. Edens has contributed a lot of things the company using his skills of placing bids on other companies and creative financing.

In the year 2009, Edens became one of the chairs of Fortress Company and he assisted the company regains from the loss it suffered following the Subprime mortgage crisis which had seen the company’s stalks head down to below a dollar. Wes Edens was also approached by the company to serve the role of a chair for Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors. During his one tenure as the Transportation Investment’s chairman, Wes was able to bring a lot of improvements to the department. Following his experience he gained from Fortress transportation department, Edens recently decided to venture into transport investment by launching the first private passenger train in Florida. The train operates between Miami and Fort Lauderdale a distance that is supposed to take 45 minutes.

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Gareth Henry Analyzes Types of Private Credit Funds that Borrowers Should Consider

Handling private credit funds is not an easier undertaking to any person out there in the financial industry. The only person who is able to handle such tasks is an individual with advanced training and experience in financial industry such as Gareth Henry. The former heads of relation at Fortress Investment Group has been able to remain relevant in a complicated industry where not many people have been able to remain relevant to the changing complexities. Gareth Henry explains some of the private credit funds for investors to consider. According to the experienced financial analyst, mezzanine loans are some of the private credit funds out there that individuals can consider.

Most of the mezzanine loans forms a hybrid private credit that includes both a credit facility and an equity to fund a business. This is a credit facility that is mostly offered to mid-sized or small organizations. Traditionally, Gareth Henry notes that most of the mezzanine loans have for a longer period been used for supporting acquisition or mergers. Most of the loans will be paid back after ensuring that the merger or the acquisition process has been successful. The only risk is that the merger or acquisition process might fail, which causes the lender to experience significant losses. These types of private credit terms have specifically focused on supporting middle level organizations while at the same time ensuring that they grow to exponential levels.

The other type of private credit funds out there that Gareth Henry recommends investors to consider is senior loans. These are types of credit terms that mostly focus on supporting expansion or buyout plans. The lenders specialize in supporting all the expansion plans that are supported through written plans. However, the loans must be paid back after the expansion plans have been successful. Lastly, Gareth Henry notes that investors should also go ahead and consider capital association strategies as another type of private credit fund. These types of funds are very useful in supporting struggling organizations that want funds to support their activities. However, all those individuals who consider this type of credit facility must be willing to give some control of their organizations.