Paul Mampilly On How Car Purchases May Change

Purchasing car has its pros and cons. Few things smell better than a brand new car. However, the process of buying a car can be frustrating. Consumers often go through lots of back and forth in negotiating before they pull of the lot in their new car. Paul Mampilly understands this struggle as much as anyone. His recent car purchasing experience left a lot to be desired and has impacted his thoughts about the future of car buying.

Paul Mampilly last trip to a physical dealership was last January. Wanting to make this process as smooth as possible, Paul did lots of research before ever setting foot on the car lot. He did not want a sales person influencing his purchase. He knew that a top need he had was storage. Mampilly and his wife work on a large number of home projects. He also needed lots of space to transport food for his animals. This knowledge lead Mampilly to decide on a pre-owned F-150 that was just a few years old.

Unfortunately for Paul Mampilly research did not speed up the buying process. When he arrived at the dealership he quickly found himself in a back and forth with a salesperson. In just one day Mampilly spent more than thirteen hours negotiating to find the best price. This process took place at three different dealerships. This exhausting process change his opinion on how to purchase a car.

Paul Mampilly continued to research the car buying process long after leaving the dealership. He quickly discovered he was not alone in his disappointment. A study shows that more than fifty-six percent of ‘Millennials’ would rather clean their house than buy a car. According to Autotrader 99% of people are not pleased with the car buying process. Mampilly is convinced that car buying will look different in the near future. There are already a number of places that will allow consumers to complete the entire process online.

Paul Mampilly has compiled an impressive resume. Currently he serves as the Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. His work has been featured on major television networks that include CNBC, Fox News and Bloomberg TV.

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