Sheldon Lavin Contribution To The Sustainability Debate

Sheldon Lavin has redefined the sustainability debate in the past. As part of the largest company in food production and distribution, Lavin believes that the sustainability debate will be the future of food production. Lavin has always been a believer in technology especially in making the production of food less toxic to the environment. Due to his approach to technology in sustainability debate, Lavin has led the company to an era where the company has been a recipient of many awards in the environmental world.

What makes Sheldon Lavin such an exceptional CEO? Lavin has the best understanding of how major companies such as OSI operates. He is an expert in ensuring that the consumer is at the center stage of food production. This philosophy has always been the company’s signature for the years he has been in charge of this giant food company. Second, Sheldon Lavin has always been an expert in resources optimization. The food industry is different from the other industries and every piece of raw material is important. Through this knowledge, Lavin has made the company invest in infrastructure such as storage facilities to minimize on wastage. Finally, the reason why Lavin is such an exceptional CEO and a president is due to his approach to technological advancement that according to him forms the basis of the company’s approach to the future.

In addition to being one of the most successful CEO and a president in the competitive food market, Sheldon Lavin is a recipient of numerous and high prestige awards. As a financial expert working in food industry, many firms have awarded him for his unmatched success in this niche. He is also personate about courses that have a human interest in them. Over the years, he has contributed Ronald McDonald House Foundation. Through these donations, he is able to be part of the solution to homelessness and medical assistance to poor families in the USA.

In his own words, being successful entails a lot of work. However, Sheldon Lavin points out no venture can be successful without proper planning and understanding all the logistics of the venture.

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