USHealth Group, An Extraordinary Company!

Randy Hildebrandt is the newest employee of USHealth Advisors. The USHealth Advisors’ parent company is the USHealth Group. The USHealth Group and USHealth Advisors are both well known insurance companies. USHealth Group has been known to provide their customers with amazing health insurance coverage plans. For Randy, before working for USHealth Advisors, he had already worked for an insurance company.

For Randy, coming to the company was one of the best decisions of his life. USHealth Group and USHealth Advisors are both companies who do more than just give their customers health insurance plans. They have very personal and effective relationships with their customers which is what drew Randy to the companies in the first place. One of the people who persuaded Randy to join the company was Troy McQuagge. Visit to know more about USHealth Group

If you aren’t aware, Troy is the CEO and president of USHealth Advisors. He really is an amazing mad. Troy has many great things going on with both companies. He has brought his mission of HOPE to the companies so that they can start giving back to the world. The mission of HOPE started for Troy long before he became the president of the company. The mission got started because he truly enjoys helping the world become a better place.

Over the years the companies has traveled all around the world helping people in need. During the Hurricane season many years ago, Troy and his team even helped the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The help that they dedicated to Katrina’s victims was so unique because they strictly helped the victims who were middle and low class citizens. During the relief projects they ensured that the housing communities for these people were built in a reasonable amount of time.

In addition to providing the victims with housing, the victims were also supplied with food, clothing, and help for the children. The company has been asked several times about why they are so passionate about giving back and their answer is simple. For the companies, giving back is a lifestyle that they don’t take lightly, they’re mission will continue! Learn more: