Randy Douthit and the Entertainment World

Randy DouthitWhen thinking of the entertainment world, you can’t not think of Randy Douthit. There have been times when his work is seen by millions and his ability to work with people like Judge Judy are well known.

Starting Out

Randy Douthit started working in television a long time ago. He started in tabloid television and evolved with it. When he started working with Judge Judy, everything changed for him. He learned more about what was needed in the industry and how he can add to that information to improve the entertainment industry.

A Force For Good

Randy Douthit has argued that television can be used to help push information that makes sense and that has meaning behind it. There has been a push for television that has not facts behind it, but he’s changing that. He has made sure to have everything he works on vetted. This helps him to stay on top of the information that he’s putting into the world. By having information that is factual in the news outlets, the world can truly see what is going on and make better choices based on that information.

Randy DouthitThere are a lot of people that want to tell their stories, but not all of them are factual. That is where there needs to be some accountability. When we aren’t looking at the work and making sure it’s factual, then it goes downhill. He is working to change that and get better content to people that actually has facts behind it.